Wii Motion Plus makes its Debut (in my house)

So after reading all the STELLAR reviews for Tiger Woods 10 (wii), claiming its the BEST golf game on any system, ever- I had to try it.

Now I was (still am, actually) a professional golf instructor, and have a pretty damn good swing, mechanically speaking…so I went right to the Advance Control scheme which takes out all the typical TW shortcuts and ball spin controls..completely reliant on the wiimote & the new addon for speed & accuracy.


First hole I experimented with hooking/slicing/drawing/fading the ball on purpose, and everything worked just like I was at the range! Only thing I couldnt pull off was a flop shot or other trick shots that really should be impossible- even in real life, let alone through a motion controller.

The only thing Im finding thats still tough, is the short game. Without the weight of a real club and knowing the wetness of the grass (and type of grass it is) its still a bit tough to gauge how fast my putting meter is, but that said its WAAAAAAY better than other tiger games, SuperSwing golf, We love golf, Mario Golf etc..and the longer I tried it, the more dialed in I got- but I digress…

the real story is the motion+ and how much f*cking better its made the gesture controls. I swear on my father’s grave I had the SAME shot projection and draw (actually a strong draw..too strong) that I play in real life. Its truly amazing!! by the 5th hole, I was birdy-ing and parring pretty much everything, which is a LITTLE better than my game in real life…ok a lot better ;P

I havent tried the frisbee golf game (which I also love in real life) but this first experience has me VERY HOPEFUL for the other games taking advantage of the addon..tennis, shooting game, and swordplay are going to FREAKIN SWEET.

and no I havent started drinking yet, so my enthusiasm is not completely blinded by chemicals.


6 thoughts on “Wii Motion Plus makes its Debut (in my house)

  1. I want to try it but if it’s that life like I’ll be 4+ strokes to the green every hole, fun! I’ll also break something in my home most likely.

    P.S. I checked the contracts with all our sponsors, you don’t have to edit your swears.

  2. yeah, mike- but that was the ADVANCED control settings..you can still choose standard, or pussy All Play to dumb it down to whatever level you want 🙂

    Tennis, baseball, and swordplay should be KILLAH.

    Also- fuck, fuck, vagina, slut, dick, bastard, shit, ass, poop, republican, fart, fuck, shit.

  3. Man and I loved the golf game they packed into Wii Sports so I should love this. This looks like a great app. No snark.

  4. tried disc golf this morning..pretty impressive! running home to get more holes in before the redwings game. woot woot go detroit

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