E3 2009 Press Conferences Impressions

So I just got done watching IGN’s E3 Press Conferences. All three impressed. My favorite has to be the Microsoft Conference, then Nintendo’s, then Sony’s. The new Tony Hawk skateboard controller is flippin’ awesome and Project Natal has such potential if they do it right. Go Microsoft! Milo creeped me out though. 4 Mario titles, a new Zelda for the DS and a new Metroid for Wii. Awesome! Assassin’s Creed 2 on PS3 and God of War 3 both look amazing and PSP Go is pretty sexy.


8 thoughts on “E3 2009 Press Conferences Impressions

  1. I’m with Ian, dude. Yeah, I’m down for podcast goodness next Monday because I have the day off. My schedule changes all of the time so its kind of a pain but I’d be down for next Monday for Maldencast reborn.

  2. Yeh, I’m down for some Monday Podcasting. Then I can talk about my new PC that I built. Me, Ian and Hox can go into GFW Radio mode.

  3. I do want to play Scribblenauts.

    I don’t want to stand in front of my TV waving my arms around like an idiot.

    I do want to podcast.

  4. yea…..the natal thing could make wagglefest games look like fun. i was watching the sugar ray leonard clips on youtube and wondered why xbox fans went from “wiimote is teh gay” to “yes! controllers are for pussies!!” gesture and face recognition will enhance a standard control scheme, but replacing it completely?…uh, wtf.

    sony may have the right idea. for once.

  5. I think Natal might work for stuff like sports games that don’t involve a lot of moving more than the area of your living room (golf, tennis, uh… golf). The biggest issue with the “compliment the old controller argument” is that you have to take one hand off a 360 controller. If they go the Wii/Sony route of a nunchuck/control in each hand, sure, but that demo they showed obviously was pretty telling that they want to go the no controller at all route.

  6. yeah, thats what Im saying…I dont think they can pull it off, at least for all genres. It will have to compliment (supplement?) something else in most cases…and again we’d have to go back to my point from earlier podcasts that a pointer controller is where its at.

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