A miserable little pile of awesome?

Maybe after some pretty blahworthy console games i’m hurting for an above par Castlevania title (excluding DS games) but this cartainly has my attention in a major way. Definitely need to balance those expectations.



3 thoughts on “A miserable little pile of awesome?

  1. I think Kojima involvement has been pretty light. I saw a trailer for the Castlevanie-less “Lods of shadows” a while back. I’m guessing that they saw the similarities (a whip for fuck sake) and maybe whatever IGA was working on and said if the shoe fits. My hope is that they castlevania it up a bit more and allow some more japanese kookyness thats as much a part of the series as whiping candlesticks. The giant armor dude is a good start. And even though CV’s canon is a total mess I hope this fits in somehow and isn’t a complete reboot (My least favorite term right now)

    Also I’ll give you three guesses whom Jason Isaacs is voicing. The guy plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter so good luck getting this one right 😉

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