Schedule change coming up for Podcast.


I need your input fellas. Wednesdays aren’t working out too well, especially for Ian. I’m moving back to my old schedule and won’t be available either. Mike’s internet access is going to be really sporadic for the summer.

The only day, I can think to do the podcast is Monday evening. That way, if I need to edit it, I can have it ready by Tuesday. I seriously doubt Sunday would work. I know I’d rather be doing something else that evening, especially now that summer is here.

Well, we have a couple of weeks to figure it out. If nothing works, then it was a good run while it lasted. We can always start it up again come winter, when we’re stuck inside.


5 thoughts on “Schedule change coming up for Podcast.

  1. Yea this sounds fine with me. I dont mind if we slow down during summer too. thats just how shit goes.

  2. you shit slower in the summer? my ass is like a greased waterfall after april. mike, you were there.

    mondays are cool with me.

  3. Monday works for me, work schedule wise. I’d be available in the evening to do the podcast. Monday works better for me than Wednesdays.

  4. Ok. Looks like we’ll hold off for the next episode for a while. Mondays it is! (Thank god! I needed another break from editing!)

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