The best DS/DSI games

Hey dudes,
So I’m getting a DSI on Friday and wanted to get each person’s advice on must-own DS/DSI games. Give me your top 3 favorite/most played DS/DSI games. The input would be much appreciated. Also, sorry for missing the last two Maldencasts. I’ve been working ALOT. Hopeing to be a part of future ones if my schedule permits. Peace out.


10 thoughts on “The best DS/DSI games

  1. Pick up Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure for sure. I just started playing GTA Chinatown Wars and am very impressed as well.

  2. I had a blast with Castlevania: the one with the chick and Korg Ds-10, which is a synthesizer emulator. You can totally make the axel F. song over and over.

  3. I was trying to think of a DS best of list and, well there are way too many to chose from. There must be over 40 must play titles on the DS. Generally Nintendo releases that don’t involve characters going to the Olympics are worth your cash. I’ll pimp The World Ends With You and Retro Game Challenge since I’m already banging away at the keyboard.

    On the DSiWare side, I hear the waters are a bit murkier. Check out the Art Style games as they seem to be a few of the bright spots in a pretty spotty (but still earlier) line-up of downloadable games.

  4. So I’m re-reading the original post and 3 comments in not a single one of us could actually be bothered to correctly respond.

    Give me your top 3 favorite/most played DS/DSI games.

    We’re hilarious…

  5. And Ian and anyone else who visits this site! I’ve been so out of the loop, as it were, when it comes to console gaming.

  6. Top 3 games that I’ve played:

    1) Osu! Tatakae!! Ouendan!!!

    Import it. And it’s easy to understand whats going on. It has a businessman fighting a giant Mouse for fuck’s sake.

    2) The World Ends With You

    I like it because even when I’m not playing, some of my badges are getting leveled up any way. Plus its has great art, a combat system thats easier than anything, and emo kids that make sense (a first for Square?)

    3) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    Snappy Dialogue, tongue in cheek humor, and just fun.

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