Possible new Team Ico game

I’ve watched this clip three times now and I still can’t get enough of the weird cat/bird beast. I’m hoping this game will be announced at E3.


4 thoughts on “Possible new Team Ico game

  1. If its the real deal I think it looks great. The kid looks like he could need some polish and the video is pretty poorly edited. Like whats with the armor guy? Confusing. I dont kknow what it is but im just not quite convinced this is totally real though.

  2. IF it’s real this will be the game that ends the console wars and puts Sony back on top! Just like LittleBig…er, Metal Ge…um, Killzooooh…Well I can’t wait to play it.

  3. You have to give it to Sony, though. They make better 1st party games than MS. Considering that all third party devs are multiplat (and on PC), and MS pretty much canned all of their 1st party devs (other than Bungie and Lionshead).

    Anyway, so it looks like instead of killing Collosi, you have one as a companion? Hmm. VERY Interesting.

  4. that beast is incredible!!!–though Im with steve, on the suspicious side.

    Ive never wanted to ride a cat so badly in my life!…well, thats not exactly true…

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