Pics of my niece or nephew.

My sister sent me these pics yesterday and I was blown away by the detail. This is what you get for a $40,000 piece of hardware!


7 thoughts on “Pics of my niece or nephew.

  1. Are those 4D Ultrasounds? Me and the missus had regular old school ones, and you could barely make out any details. These however are fantastic.

  2. Yeah they are 4D. They slow down the feed so you can watch the baby move around. Really cool tech.

  3. jesus christ im bombarded with baby sonograms..aaron is having twin boys!

    my sis had a badass pic of her baby like this, Chad. dont nephew was also terrifying, but he came out cute as a button.

  4. Mikal and Greg don’t want to know the sex. So few surprises in life, so why not make one. And why don’t you take off your ball cap when you throw out such barbs. Ooooh!

  5. are you jesting at my green plaid fedora? that thing is amazing, and ugly. i love it.

    sorry, wasnt trying to knock the baby pics..only to console you as my nephew looked scary evil in the 4d imaging. and if you knew my sister, a demon spawn isnt that unlikely.

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