The MaldenCast Episode 507


This week in the podcast:

Mike has returned from the Alaskan wilderness.
Steve has a bone to pick with a certain movie studio.
Peter is alive and well.
Chad figuratively and literally phoned it in.

Music by: Chris Kline, Joe Bean Esposito, some weird amateur band and Flight of the Conchords

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9 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 507

  1. I dont want to take away from the cast so i’ll put this here. This my best, worst and video game i played for the next ten podcasts.

  2. Oooooook. Finished the cast. Ummm we kinda left a good chunk of “behind the scenes” action and a break with no music in it. Did you accidently upload an unfinished cast, chad?

  3. Really? I went through it twice to make sure the music was in there. I’ll go through it again tonight and see what happened. As for the behind the scenes stuff, some of it got cut and I couldn’t seem to track it down again.

  4. I see the part you meant. It didn’t even dawn on me to put music there. Bad decision, but one I’ll have to live with.

  5. I have caught up with your podcastery… good stuff!
    Lucky and Wild looks like the best game ever!

    And just hearing that tiny snippet of the “we love videogames” song makes me want to punch that band in the face…

  6. Listened to the case on the way back from my biz trip…

    -I dont claim wiimote fps controls are the future..I just hope thats the case. Mouse FPS controls are the best but a pointer system is probably the closest we’ll get on consoles, and I think if you guys play Metroid 3 or RE4 with the wiimote then immediately try them again with dual-stick, you’ll see what Im just feels archaic to step backwards in technology. Pointing is easier, and feels a lot more natural for gun games than using two thumbs. I highly doubt the systems 10 years from now will still be defaulting to analog sticks (at least at the primary controls). If anything Id like to see pointer systems as an alternative scheme with the ‘ol standby Halo control schemes for the oldskool kids who dont like the feel of a pointer.

    That said, I still agree “gesture” controls should only be used when its good. waggle-fest games are the bane of my existence and continue to perpetuate the fallacy that the wii doesnt offer anything good to the industry.

    -I watched a Nova special all about time travel and blackholes where Sagan (quoted since he was already dead) and Hawking amongst other experts talked in depth about this..and everyone agreed a blackhole is nothing more than an infinite point of vaccuum/gravity. There is no other side. Hence the “wormhole” was born. Sagan wanted to use a blkhole to transport the hero in Sphere from one point of the universe to another, and called Hawking about it..Stephen explained in depth why that wasnt possible and they came up with an alternative idea..the Wormhole.

    Not saying sci-fi cant say whatever the F they want, but Mike mentioned something like no quantum phyicist knows what happens in a blackhole, and of course no one knows FOR SURE..but pretty much all of them are in agreement that its highly unlikely they lead to anything other than the massive gravity of a collapsed star.

    -Good to know about Chinatown..Ive been on the edge about that one for a while, but like Mike- havent played the last several iterations because they bore me.

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