Meet my new (used) car (truck)

This bitch is sweet.


First off, I was casually seeking a used vehicle since the wife scored her dream job and of course its in Woodenville..leaving me home sans transportation while she and the super cool 2008 Mazda3 are at the mercy of traffic on 405 & I90…Then I decided we could use a truck, as we have some summer projects that would be far easier with a big open bed to throw rocks, junk, and a BBQ into.

Talked with my car guru buddy, and he suggested a Japanese make from the 80’s-early 90’s (my budget is only $1-2k so it has to be that old)…manual trans, miles in the 100-150k range etc..Im not planning on driving far or often..just to get around town to visit friends (maybe I can finally come hang out with you guys on the hill!) or take the dog to the vet if they try jumping off the couch like superman again.

I am the lucky SOB to find a diamond in the rough on craigslist- specifically lucky because this model goes FAST on the used market- I tried making offers on some other vehicles of this make and they were sold within hours- so sorry! This time however, the owner took some really SHITTY photos, so no one could tell what shape it was in. I had to request these shots  to get a better idea and could NOT believe my luck when I saw it in person!

A 1981 Mazda B2000- has a good looking body, but an amazing engine. This shit is clean and WELL maintained. Turns out the owner bought it from an old man who collected these about 10 years ago…and the current owner is- a mechanic! He builds ships for the Nat’ guard and race cars for himself on the side..and this truck is his daily driver to get to/fro work (Kent/Tacoma). It runs super smooth- expecially for being almost 30 years old, its actually mind boggling. The guy tore down and rebuilt the engine himself several years ago (back up to around 87,000 miles), clutch is actually tight, and everything else looks fine..electric, lights, signals..even the sunroof doesnt leak (yet). Bench is torn up, and the dash is a mess (as is the bed) with scratches and what not..but the truck itself is a real steal! Im pondering a SUPER cheap paint job just to clean it up a bit…previous owner ran out of green paint near the cab, as you can see..but it almost looks intentional.

To top it off the dude is from Detroit, Mi (my home state of 19 years) so he gave me the Michigander hookup…throwing on a new hose, installing a new starter (I paid for the part, the old one was a 50/50 chance for a clean start), and two new snow tires for free!

With all the work he’s put into it over the years, he’s taking a loss..but doesnt have the room for it anymore..Total cost? $1100.

Its smaller than it looks..thats a Prowler in the background, not a minivan.
Its smaller than it looks..thats a Prowler in the background, not a minivan.

8 thoughts on “Meet my new (used) car (truck)

  1. A guy from Michigan raving about buying a 30 year old Japanese TRUCK.

    If that isn’t the last shot across the bow of the American auto industry then I don’t know what is.

  2. no shit, my uncles would kill me if they found out (detroit auto workers that were just laid off).

    i considered domestic trucks as well…the downside was they quit running after ~15 years..anyone notice my avatar is magically working now?

  3. actually i should clarify..i was determined to buy Ford at first, but both my friend that used to run a dealership and another buddy that is an auto engineer who works with Detroit often had the same advice: for that price range, domestic cars wont be on good shape…either pony up for a well maintained vehicle or keep 2 grand in the bank for when if breaks.

    another perk- this engine is one of the most efficient in history…most trucks get 15-20mpg…the mazda f/ma hits 38mpg.

  4. Dude i’m totally happy for you. Expect a call to “hang out” whenever I need to move or have to haul something heavy. Buddy 🙂

  5. GREAT… Ill drive your shit around town (within reason..just dont tell me youre moving back to Polsboro) but my back problems prevent me from lifting anything heavier than a beer 😀

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