The next generation of kill.

Faster and faster, it seems, what was once science fiction is becoming fact. The F-35 demon helmet is like something out of a Robert Heinlein novel. You’ll see what I mean at about 3:50 minutes in.

So why can’t we build a better solar panel? Oh right, it doesn’t kill brown people.


5 thoughts on “The next generation of kill.

  1. And I wonder why we don’t have affordable healthcare in the states… 😛

    I was looking for a place to talk health care costs, but since you bring up where most of our tax dollars seems to be going, this seems like a good enough thread to discuss.

    With all the cash we got going to weapons research, why the hell can’t we have affordable healthcare? I was in Vietnam for a month, and had 2 check ups, 1 x-ray and a ultrasound. It only cost me about $15 USD. If I did the same here in Seattle, I’d be looking at a $1000 bill.

    Its just the dumbest thing in the world to me. Why is it that we’re one of the countries without a government funded healthcare is beyond me.

  2. Yeah, don’t get me started about healthcare in this country. I work in the industry and bitch about it all the time. I think things will improve slightly as the old guard passes away, but they’ll try to keep the gravy train rolling until the very end.

    1. I wouldn’t mind paying taxes if it meant I could actually benefit from it. Nobody in their right mind spends most of their earnings on there home security system, so why in fucks sake are we spending more than half of the national budget on this nonsense?

      Seriously. *eyes bulging with WTF*

  3. I like how a video showcasing a system more advanced than anything imaginable looks and sounds like it was produced in the early 90’s. What is this “The minds eye”?

  4. we are really dumb about taxes & spending for sure..but I think some of that inflation, Peter- has to do with the fact we’re a nation of lawsuits & malpractice…I guarantee Vietnam has a tiny fraction of malpractice suits compared to the US…we also have some REALLY fucked up greedy insurance companies that decline all kinds of things to inflate profits (i used to be a PPO coordinator and witnessed some shady shit in my tenure there)

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