The MaldenCast Episode 506


This week in the podcast:

Erik, a longtime Malden resident, joins us from Tuscon, AZ.
Steve mentions Time Cop, again.
Peter is alive and well and back in Seattle.
Chad recounts a chilling tale of dog rape while on vacation in CO.
Mike is driving a bus around the wilds of Alaska and couldn’t join us.
Ian is busy with husband duties.

Somewhere inside, video games are discussed as well.

Music by: Chris Kline, Joe Bean Esposito, Van Halen, ArnoCorps

Click below to listen.

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P.S. I apologize for the poor audio quality. I’m still learning how to manage these issues.


8 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 506

  1. Downloading to ms PS3 as I’m typing this. I have Santa’s Slay in my netflix, but they don’t have it for Instant viewing… 😦

    Also, is there a reason why Tango and Cash are driving a Toyota Previa minivan as their super weapon/get away vehicle?

  2. San Francisco is expensive, eh? No wonder Uncle Jesse was still living with the Tanners post marriage/kids.

  3. nice job guys..Im only about 1/2 through it, but heres my thoughs so far:


    I agree with E completely..its a pretty place to visit (my sister lives there, and I actually need to visit her baby again soon before he is older and less cute) but I dont dig the heat man…and they are a weird community of conservative rich white retirees and poor immigrants/hippies. Just an odd place.


    Mercy me, not a year goes by I dont think about this movie and how traumatizing it is. Steve failed to relay the horror of the opening scene where “God” kills himself (opening scene), wrapped in bandages- uses a straight razor to repeatedly slash at his stomach until the blood loss overtakes him. The shit literally pours out of his gory bowels and drips down the floor where “mother earth” is born out of the offal & crap…she emerges and turns around to suck off God’s dead wiener. She then uses the necro-sperm to inseminate herself and gives birth to Jesus..a decrypted adult sized vegetable that remains hooked via umbilical chord to Momma earth (until she is raped and he is murdered in the “nativity” scene). The movie is both horrible, and yet fascinating. As with “Deer Hunter”, dont watch it while on drugs.

    -Mormons affording all the kids

    Ive heard they can do it because the IRS gives tax credits for every child claimed..thats why poor folks & some (shady) foster parents have 4-6 kids. Increases the welfare, stamps, medicare benefits, and tax credits while reducing taxable income.

    -Puking on the plane

    That reminds me of the Duggard family (the fam that has like 18 kids, and their own reality show), see motivational poster “Vagina- not a clown car”. They did an episode where they chartered a small plane to fly over the G. Canyon for a tour…apparently the gene for moving sickness is inherited, and both parents have all but a few of the kids were puking left and right the entire show. It was AMAZING, similar to the Barf-O-Rama scene in Stand By Me to see shot after shot of all the kids puking into the sick bags.

    anyways…Ill listen to the rest and get back you guys..

    ps- chad you’re doing a great job, but watch the sound levels of the cut music vs the speaking levels…my ears were bleeding during the intro and “best” music clips.

  4. Also…Moonbase commander IS the shit. +80 pts to E for mentioning it..although I was part of the dev team, so I can vouch what he says that we didnt take our time putting it together….rather spent a lot of time playing it on the clock in fact.

    actually we made the game for ourselves and had no idea it would be released to the public. Infogrammes bought our studio and decided to schlep the game-in-progress to make some well needed income.

    ign calls it “BEST PC GAME THAT NO ONE PLAYED” for 2002, or something to that effect.

    Go to the stores and buy Moonbase..and if you have money leftover..get Demigod too. Ive heard that game kicks ass.

  5. Thanks Ian,
    I was in a rush this time, but I’ve finally figured out what how to adjust the sound levels. I’ll polish it up this week for sure. Are you joining us?

  6. ARGHHH!!! I want to SO BADLY! Its fucking torture listening to a cast without being able to contribute (see my massive notes above)…I just finished “The Road”, been playing some Oblivion IV & Fallout (fittingly, after The Road) and a bunch of other things to talk about…

    However- Im buying a freaking awesome used truck!! I was supposed to pick it up today, but ran into some issues that are preventing me from making the trip down to Tacoma to sign for it..but dear god I will post about this baby soon.

    Anyways, Im planning on getting it tomorrow after work…might make it back in time..maybe late if Im lucky, but I cant make any promises..especially because I have to do some work on it before taking it on the road (nothing major though).

    Anywho…you guys go on ahead..or if sunday works better, we can swing that too. I swear Ill be in like Flynn from here out on all the podcasts*

    *= lies make baby jesus cry

  7. Hey, alright! Fantastic! Thanks for playing some goddamn ballsy ArnoCorps, right there. The question was asked in your podcast, who came first? The answer is ArnoCorps, the originals, the pioneers, the visionaries, rocking in San Frantastic and the UK since the year 2000. The impostor band mentioned by the guy on the phone was started in 2008. Nearly a decade after? What’s going on?!! Here’s a good interview on the topic:

    Stay heroic! GO!!!

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