Podcast Update….

……being that there isnt one. Mike seems unable to participate at the moment and Chad is in the wilds of Colorado, or Utah or Wyoming….. some place square shaped. And I dont quite know how to opperate the proper tools. As soon as i do or chad gets back or Mike gets his shit situated we will re convene and shit out another one of these things. Next time Gadget…..

This “Fail” thing is so over. Oh well..


16 thoughts on “Podcast Update….

  1. Or I could do recording duties. I’ll just have to set it up at Steve’s place so him and Ian can live cast with you, chad and Hox. I’ll play games in the background/watch the levels during casts.

  2. Well when chad gets back i’ll have him show me how to record and edit this shit. It’s time for Steve to get behind the “wheels of steel”. Peter when do you get back?

  3. Well I think you PC boys would be entirely on your own as I couldn’t tell you how to do it.

    But if any of you are up for a weekend recording I will oblige.

  4. Yeah Steve, you’ll have to look into a pc solution to record. Garage band is so easy to use that I don’t mind. You can host, since you don’t think I have the chops. 😉

  5. So, I dangled the carrot of a potential weekend recording and then failed to follow through. Sorry about that. Are we all on for our usual time with Chad at the helm?

    Say aye.

  6. Damn…..I cant wednesday. Jules is taking off for vacation with several friends, and was planning on spending tomorrow night with me before she leaves.

    The upside? Ill get laid.

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