Malden Team, activate!

Hey dudes. Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m on Skype now so I can participate in the next Maldencast. Send me messages and invites on Skype so I can add you all and Mike, let me know when the next Maldencast is upon us and I’m there. I also finally bit the bullet and joined up with facebook as well so look for me on there too. Peace out.


5 thoughts on “Malden Team, activate!

  1. I made it!

    Sorry I did not have more time in Sea-Town. I just listened to last weeks show and other than us blowing out the levels it went pretty well. Just one comment towards Chad, keep the music breaks to around 50 seconds. Not only does it help the flow of the show but it keeps us out of any sticky copyright wickets.

    So Erik, welcome back and I look forward to you on the show.

    However, odds are likely that I won’t be on the show this week and my participation will be sporadic through out the summer. I’ll send all pertinent info to Chad so he can run the show and I would really like you guys to continue on.

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