Missionary: Impossible 2

Not to outpost our most lovable podcast (One of our best for sure) But I simply have to share even more websites from the makers of The ICCM site from several posts ago. Sharper FX, Inc. Seems to specialize in Christian ministry themed websites that continue to channel Rainbow Six, Ghost in the Shell and a touch of tacky. Actually a boatload of tacky.  Restraint is not their game.

http://www.sharperfx.com/nb1/ This looks like the intro for “Gatchaman” or something

http://www.itistruth.org/ Is this the website for the new Castlevania game?

http://www.ame7.org/ Richard Allen has a pretty powerful Uppercut but William P. Quinn’s fireball is hard to dodge.

http://www.sharperfx.com/kkmime/index13.htm So this is where the Master Hand from smash brothers come from.

http://www.evangelcathedral.net/ Completely Ominous

http://www.nightvisionphm.com/ Is it ok that when I select “Things you should know” The picture gives me the wrong idea?

http://www.thebalmingilead.org/ I Think his goal is to actually take over the world.

There are a jillion more of these but I think I found the best of the bunch. Enjoy!


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