The MaldenCast Episode 505


This week:
The gang gets together live for the first time.
Mike is in town for one night only.
Steve in no longer sick.
Ian is back after laming out to help his wife the past two episodes.
Peter is somewhere, but not here.
Chad hosted the podcast and provided the bourbon which lubricated the conversation.

Music this week: Chris Kline, Joe Bean Esposito, John Zorn, Ciba Matto, South Park

Click below to listen.

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3 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 505

  1. It was like I was in the same room with you guys. The Malden is alive and well with this podcast. I subscribed on ITunes and would like to contribute to an episode in person someday. Keep it up, basically.

  2. Dude hox we’ve been waiting for you to join. I think all you need is a headset with a mic and skype and your good to go. I’m not sure when the next cast will be though. We need to wait for Mike to get settled in Alaska and we will be up and running!

  3. You know, I think it would be good for future podcast if we could all be in the same room whenever possible. I’m tired of trying to fend off the wife (which I don’t mind) and the nagging parents whenever I skype.

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