Back amongst the living

Hey gang!  I have returned.  And now for an update.  For those among you who are spared being subjected to my myspace bulletin posts, I give you a collection of youtube vids that  evoke nostalgia, shock and awe, and amusement.  In that order.  As for me, I moved back to Tucson, AZ from San Francisco, CA at the end of January.  Currently shacking up with the folks to help em out(they’re elderly), save on rent and food, and go back to school.  I plan to try my hand at teaching high school.  US history to be exact.  Jobwise, I’ve been out of work with Best Buy going on three months now.  I just filed for unemployment through the state of Cali so I am hopeful of seeing some money come in soon.  I was unable to transfer from the SF store to my original store here in Tucson because of a company-wide freeze on transfers and new hires.  I hope to be gainfully employed again in a part-time capacity this next month.  Anywho, just saying hi and letting everyone know I’m back.  Peace out.


4 thoughts on “Back amongst the living

  1. I recommend looking for part time work at Trader Joe’s. From what I hear from Casey, there still hiring. Also, good to see you back on the site Hox.

  2. It’s good to hear from you finally. Sucks you had to leave SF, but I can see how the expense could hurt you. Good riddance to Best Buy if you ask me.
    I’ll write more later. I’m on my iPhone and my fingers are cramping!

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