The story behind the Maldencast Intro music

Recently my girlfriend asked me about where exactly out Epic Buttrockin’ intro theme came from. I’d like to tell our reader(s) what I told her. Heck maybe some of us don’t even know.

The intro theme is from a classic Super nintendo game called “U.N.Squadron”, a side scrolling shooter based on an anime tv series and probably a manga (comic) before that. It’s about a effeminate heterosexual mercenary pilot named Shin Kazama on a quest for revenge in some far off desert shithole named “Area 88” (also the japanese name of the series. I don’t know whos ass they pulled “U.N.Squadron” out of). There were two other guys, Stereotypical American Blonde probably beach volleyball playing pilot Mickey Simon, and a Greg Gates, who looked like Mario. The game rocked me and Mikes socks off, confirmed. Usually the missions were, fight a bunch of suicidal smaller planes and tanks and take on some sort of military monstrsity, like a driving land aircraft carrier, or a mobile missile launcher bigger then any tank on earth. The graphics were Capcom at their pixely best and the music, well its legendary. I still listen to it in its original midi form all the time.  A guy named Chris “Vertex Guy” Kline provided the rocked out remix that we have been borrowing.

Original SNES intro:

Almost as impressive as the rock remix, a guy plays it on piano with two hands and a foot!

As for this, you make the call


2 thoughts on “The story behind the Maldencast Intro music

  1. Yea we maybe should try explaining it during one of the casts. Or not. It’s pretty sweet regardless 😛

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