Border Break

So apparently there still is such a thing as arcades in Japan. Also apparent, Sega still makes games for these “arcades” and good ones too!

Look Ma, Arcade Cabinets!
Look Ma, Arcade Cabinets!

Developed by AM2, Border Break features customizable robots, 20 man battles (10 vs. 10) and a pretty unusual (for arcades) control scheme. Gone are the twin sticks of our beloved Virtual On. Now massive online mech battles are controlled with a flight throttle and mouse!(?)

Look Ma, Crazy Controls!
Look Ma, Crazy Controls!

Now obviously we won’t likely see this beautiful beast at any of the 3 remaining American arcades, but a PC/Xbox 360 port does seem likely after Sega showed of it’s new arcade hardware that the game is running on (Windows OS/ NVIDIA GPU’s).


3 thoughts on “Border Break

  1. Well i’m digging this. I’m crazy excited to see how Japan digests this gen and puts their spin on it. Very much like US developers absorbed what Japan was doing in the ps1 early Ps2 days and ran with it.

  2. I remember seeing a similar game last year. You got to sit and a pod, replete with a surround sound that blew your ears off. I didn’t have the nerve to play it, so I went back to banging my drum…, Taito Drum master that is.

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