With a name like Zoltan…..

….This guy is practically a G.I.Joe. I can just imagine his profile card now. “Zoltan Veres was once an extreme stunt pilot until a low flying stunt at a british airshow blew the skirt off the Queen of England. Before charges were pressed he promptly signed up for the G.I.Joe team who were searching for a pilot for the new X-17 Quetzalcoatl High Maneuverability Fighter (available fall 86′) “.

Something like that.

Nevermind that Cobra guy named Zoltan.

This video reminds me why I loved the idea of flight so much as a kid.


2 thoughts on “With a name like Zoltan…..

  1. That guy knows how to handle a stick. However what I mostly took away from all this is that WE need GI Joe styled profile cards for each of us.

  2. Oh good plan! Ill have to look some up online and we can probably do some photoshop magic ala’ that old Jackal Poster.

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