Ogre Battle mocks you all

Now I know there will be some suspicion as I am a photoshop artist- but I swear to all that is holy (my HOF baseball with Mantle & May’s autographs) that this is a real picture.

As I was punishing myself with another hour of OB campaigns recently, I stumbled upon a sign from the gods. Namely- I conquered a little town called Malden.

As you can see it represents the apartment well, boasting a high population despite being a tiny dwelling. Also carries a high volume of Heart…just like you guys! *queue NBC more you know jingle*

youre welcome.


9 thoughts on “Ogre Battle mocks you all

  1. The town also has a ton of dirty dishes in the town sink, a stray cat wanders through and some guy sleeping in the town square on a couch. Also a Chinese guy shows up and plays the gamecube. The town also has a gamecube.

  2. I dream of a world where Ogre Battle can mock no one! I have a plan that will soon be set in to motion. The tyranny will end, my friends, it will end.

    1. Don’t remember playing the gamecube. Memories fuzzy. Why’s mike all blue and naked? *gets turned into a blue energy splatter*

  3. Sorry peter Mike is clearly “The Comedian” in your Watchmen comparison. We’ll just pencil you in as Rorschach, Since Chads the only one who could pay bills or do dishes he gets to Choose between Dr. Manhattan or Ozymandias, and fuck i’ll take the hit and be hapless ol’ Nite Owl.

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