The motorcycle has arrived!

Since the bike was new to me, I rode her all the way from Edmonds to Seattle via Highway 99. In the stop and go traffic, I soon became one with the bike. I got a taste of what she could do, but there is still great potential to explore. She purred between my legs like a tiger, ready to pounce. I’ve decided to call her Svetlana, (she’s red, after all). That name exudes sexiness in my mind. To you guys, it probably conjures up images of hunched over old ladies with hairy moles on their faces. Am I right?



5 thoughts on “The motorcycle has arrived!

  1. This post is overtly sexual in nature and is recommended for mature audiences.

    But i’m eager to see you dry humping this beauty around town. When you decide to marry it and make it an honest motorcycle you’d better jump 14 wedding cakes!

    Also since shes a Honda named Svetlana i’m guessing she’s adopted.

  2. All kamen rider bikes are Suzukis. Its a endorsement thing. Also, I have a hard on for your svetlana, chad.

    Don’t let me near her.

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