… is frickin’ hot. And I think that text I sent Mike cost me $50. Internet in Saigon? Easy to find. Internet in my wife’s town? Not so easy to find.

Anyway, we’re visiting aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents/orphans and any thing else that needs visiting while here.

Traffic is still dangerous, minus the fact that they finally passed a helmet law for mopeds/bikes, so risking your life on the road got a lot less fun.

Houses in vietnam are a funny thing. They’re completely square, with the first floor consisting of the storefront, while any other subsequent floors making up the house proper. Its sort of like walking into Spike Spiegel’s home turf or running into the market scenes in Ghost in the Shell. Very third world transitioning to developing nation.

Ok, I probably won’t get to post again till next week (more people to visit) but I’ll say this. I leave for a week and the place becomes videogame journalism fever. More randomness please.


2 thoughts on “Vietnam….

  1. President John Quincy Adams owned a pet alligator which he kept in the East Room of the White House. Is that random enough for you? How about a trip update?

  2. I’ll save the update for the next podcast. The trip so far is not a “lets see cool stuff” trip, more like an extended “hang out with in-laws” trip. Help me.

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