The MaldenCast Episode 503


This week Chad takes his Kindle for a motorcycle ride.

Steve sweats and waxes poetic and Mike gets caught playing with his Wii again.

Music by Chris Kline, Iron Maiden and They Might Be Giants.

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3 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 503

  1. I know this seemed short but since most of the internets podcasts run 30 to 45 minutes too long I think we hit a sweet spot. An hour or slightly over might just be ideal unless we have a real full slate of dumb topic.

  2. I’m enjoying hearing the podcast sans myself. I think its because I always remember conversations, so hearing a conversation I’ve had before makes me uneasy. Sort of like hearing Evan talk about No Mercy for the 300th time.

  3. So I finally had some time to listen to this cast..couple thoughts.

    -wii gesture/motion controls:

    On the whole, I agree with you guys..when it feels forced/thrown in- I hate it. Specifically the bike level in Madworld Mike talked about, those moments make me cringe. I dont like seeing a game use a waggle control just for the sake of it. Tenchu Wii was a perfect example…at times you made the gesture and it felt right (similar to Madworld and ripping someone over). Same with No More Heroes..the once-in-a-while saber motion for a death kill was gratifying and satisfying.

    But when you have to shake it furiously to make someone let go of you, or drum the sticks to “run”- it makes me want to puke.

    Now in some other ways, it can work really well. Like its hard for me to play a 3rd/1st person shooter after playing RE4 on wii without thinking dual-sticks are a step back. I tried RE5 recently and couldnt pin down why it felt weird until the owner (a HUGE PS3 fan) pointed out that after RE4 wii, it just doesnt feel right (and he is right).

    Other games like MarioKart I though would really blow with the “wheel” controls, but its actually way better than I had imagined. personally I think I still prefer the GC control (as you guys probably remember, I aint too shabby with it) but Ive seen more women/kids and nongamer men pickup the wheel because it seems to be easier to digest than a multi-button controller. Those pads are intimidating.

    So that brings us to the point- should we dumb down controls for non-gamers? no..but its nice to offer an option for sure. I think the pointing of the wiimote is the greatest addition to gaming in a while..I HOPE (like Steve pointed out) that the WIimotion Plus does a much better job of a 1:1 ration in the hands of gifted devs, and shows the world what a smarter controller can offer…but I digress.

    Another point I wanted to make about gesture controls..I have a friend that is dying, and he suffers from a lot of ailments. He cant hold/play games with the normal pad & buttons cause his hands hurt way to much..but he is really good at Tiger Woods Wii and loves the MarioKart motion steering. Just thought Id point that out.

    Steve- I also loved that Ancient Mariners poem as a kid..glad to hear someone raving about it now-a-days.

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