In the upcoming battle of Super-human, open world action games, I was pulling for the Sucker Punch developed inFAMOUS. And while I think ultimately it will be the better crafted game… Holy Shit, Radical Entertainment’s Prototype looks nuts! A definite guilty pleasure but I’m a sucker for multiple story powerbombs.


4 thoughts on “Prototype

  1. Well since the game isn’t out yet I may have to disagree with the opinion of our young friend here. It could be a good game for sure I just cant get over a kind of inner janky-ness going on in it. I guess it’s still early so I don’t want to judge too harshly (A first!). I’m just having a hard time mustering the proper enthusiasm for this one.

    Powerbomb off a building is still pretty cool my opinion

  2. It looks like a combination of a Spawn game and the Spiderman freeroam games from the last gen.

    Which were awesome btw..if only because Bruce Mutha Bleeping Campbell did the commentary.

  3. There was the elbow drop from 20 stories up to destroy a tank.

    Again I think inFamous will be the better game, morality system or not. I just think Prototype will have some fun moments despite the fact you’ll need to take a shower after playing. The things you do in that game out sadistic GTA.

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