Untitled Geography Segment

So as we all now our beloved infant podcast is a lot like Forrest Gump. He’s cute, dim witted and has malformed legs. But we still love him. Hopefully before next week we can come up with some sort of structure and buy him those corrective leg braces he needs so badly. And someday when the punk hillbillies chase him he can break free and run. Any in preperation for that I want to introduce a segment that has really zero to do with games, movies or anything else dork related. Geography! I think it could be a off the wall segment where we talk about some shitty little place tucked in the folds of the world. I’d first like to start with these two. Two tiny little islands I found on Google Earth…….

……… Actually this could be pretty dull. Anyways read and enjoy! or not!

Tristan Da Cunha. I almost want to go here but I think the newest movie they have is a video tape of “How Stella got her Groove back” and some episodes of “Black Adder”

Tiny Shitty Nauru Island. Pity it.
This american life episode where i learned about the god forsaken place


4 thoughts on “Untitled Geography Segment

  1. We visited a badass island called “Culebra” about 15 minutes off the coast of Puerto Rico in 2006.

    What makes it cool? a few things:

    1) it was a major Pirate haven for a long time, being east of Puerto Rico (Rich Port) where the Spaniards held all the silver/gold for the armada to come collect. The island has a big bay protected by coral that prevents large ships from entering, and smaller ships can harbor without being detected by others.

    2) shit loads of the big sea turtles go there to lay eggs. and Im talking about the 8 foot, 2,000lb leatherbacks

    3) off the coast of that island is another uninhabited island called “Culebrita” where I hiked up to the oldest lighthouse in the new world (still works, though unmanned). We broke into the area and took some bad ass pictures.

    Also saw the biggest fucking baracuda ever. The fish was 6 feet long and had teeth as big as my pinky!! Cornered us in the coral and just kept watching us..freakin scary.

  2. Sorry Steve, I took the weekend off. I don’t really see how this segment would work with out us having first hand knowledge of these places.

    I’m not against talking travel/geography it just has to come from personal experience for us to give it any meaning.

    My suggestion for a segment is what we’re talking about on the site. It might even give a few of us incentive to blog and comment a bit more.

  3. Wow we can’t read and speculate about places we’ve never been or talk about some corner of the world that sounds cool? Even if it has a cool story? What the fuck!?

  4. Whoa, sailor, save that language for Ian’s wife down at the pier.
    I don’t decide what you want to talk about, that’s entirely up to you.

    In fact save your righteous indignation for the podcast and call me out then. It might make for good radio, er, whatever you call it.

    I’m sending out an email with a possible format. Nothing too radical, amend as you see fit and then swear at me.

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