The MaldenCast Episode 502


This week while Peter’s preoccupied with his impending tour of ‘Nam, Steve and Chad talk RE:5 co-op.

Mike breathes into the mic a lot while talking about Killzone 2 and Madworld.

And Ian stops in to talk Nintendo in the wake of Iwata’s GDC Keynote and a bunch of other crap.

Music by Chris Kline, Sleepy Eyes of Death, Game Over and Cynthia Fee.

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4 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 502

  1. I listened to it this morning on my way to work (man, I really dig this cast thing..) Some great stuff.

    Besides getting the garbage out on the Nin GDC, I think you guys had some good discussions going on. BTW- correction! I realized I said Factor 5 was remnants of Rare, which of course is not the case…they split into Zoonami and FreeRadical. I had pounded 4 beers before heading home, so I think a neuron misfired while thinking of dissolving studios and mixed FR with F5 a bit…anyways, the analogy still works.

    Same with Silicon Knights..they got in bed with the other boys and when that failed they came crawling back to Nintendo, but its a bit late to start fresh with a new game.

    Also- that Golden Girls stuff at the end is damn hilarious. I couldnt stop laughing outloud at work.

  2. Yea defiantly some good shit especially in the starting and ending segments, but man did we beat that Nintendo segment into the ground. I’ll try and slap together some sort of structure (Chad can maybe help with that) to help keep the topics moving along. But that last Golden Girls segment was one of the funniest things i’ve heard in a while. Also bourbon=yes beer=no. Or in my case, Mikes “Hard” berry.

    As with last week the music cues were spot on Mike. Damn I have fun doing this 🙂

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