My dear friends…..

Shit just got real…….

….. in RTS land.


3 thoughts on “My dear friends…..

  1. Perhaps too real. It seems like it would take forever to move around if everything is to scale.

    Also I couldn’t resist embedding the teaser trailer. It’s so full of itself yet I still found it entertaining. However the link Steve provides gives you actual in-game footage and not two D-Bags in suits.

  2. My God that trailer is like two second rate James Bond Villian squaring off to see who can impress bond with the most ridiculous future video game sport of billionaires. Also I think they did a pretty poor job representing the game.

    The game itself though looks sick. If the failsafe’s that keep me from wasting ALL of my time were any weaker I could see losing myself to this and the new Total War game. It looks like playing Master and Commander in the bathtub.

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