Iwata’s keynote GDC 2009



the boring numbers:

  • 100 DS/50 Wii units sold to date !!
  • 20% of Wii owners are 1st time console purchases
  • 47% of 2009 DS buyers were female …?
  • ” more third-party games were sold with Wii than any other platform, and the second-biggest was DS.”
  • # of Balance Boards is approx the same as PS3 owners ouch…iwata is a dick

the cool stuff:

  • the solution for the Wii storage issues — the ability to save directly to the SD card, load off a SD card, and the ability to use high capcity version of the SD cards. He explained: “Your games will no longer be competing on space for system memory.”
  • new Wii system build — Wii System 4.0 — has launched already on the system, and also presented a series of Final Fantasy-related debuts, including My Life As A Darklord: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, both available for WiiWare in 2009. Plus Final Fantasy for Virtual Console — FFI and FFIV — more details from Square Enix this week. (steve im buying ALL OF THESE FOR YOU)
  • There are now 2 million DSi systems sold in Japan. In the United States, Amazon.com announced that DSi pre-orders are the biggest ever in the history, and GameStop says that it’s double the DS Lite pre-orders.
  • revealed a new Zelda title — The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit TracksDS

well thats a little boring. SD card solution is fine by me..Id rather do that then upgrade the HD. Im also not sure about the DSi..it looks cool, but I have an iphone that does all that and more. Plus Ive heard its not that fun to dev for. really gimmicky :S


9 thoughts on “Iwata’s keynote GDC 2009

  1. Geez, Nintendo sells a jillion systems and all Iwata gets is six muscle bound sex slaves? Life is tough.

    1. Who the fuck is ayeemjay?

      *reads his post in mike’s book thread*

      Well that’s like batting 1.00 in the “be a dick to Ian” category for me.

  2. Ian, in your user settings you can change your display name. Very helpful as to not confuse our throngs of readers. Steve never got around to it but maybe you could lead by example…

  3. HAHA PETER- jokes on you!!! you’re batting .907 actually.

    aye-em-jay is phonetic for my initials i-m-j

  4. I want the world to know my full name unlike you lot, who hide behind single Upper case letters and periods.

  5. Also Ian can call himself whatever he wants as long as he gets a real pic of himself in there.

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