The Next Episode

By popular demand, here’s where you can put suggestions for the next show.

We’ll record same time as last week if enough people are up for it.

I’ll have my thoughts on Killzone 2, The Red Alert 3 demo, and hopefully Madworld. Also, I read a book(!).

And Jeff we’d love it if you were available to put the “life and death of the Disney Afternoon” debate to bed.


15 thoughts on “The Next Episode

  1. Let me transfer these up from the comments on the last post.
    I played the fallowing demos and formed premature and unfair oninions on the following:
    Call of Duty – World at war – Keifer Sutherland stars in “the thin Red Line” and Yells at you a lot. The first run through was pretty fun….. the second kinda, eh
    Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X – Jesus what a stupid title. Yet the game is gorgeous, on par with Ace Combat, at least graphically. The controls are identical with one slight camera change that single handedly makes me kinda stand up and pay attention. Also I think you can play the whole campaign co-op
    More RE5: Chad and I played a bunch of Co-op. Unless I can find a place to do the operation that might be the last time I’ll be a hot black woman.

    And a music recommendation for a band called “Sleepy eyes of Death”

  2. Played Killzone 2, non of the multiplayer but I liked what I played of the campaign. Finally got Phoenix Wright, so that will occupy my flight. And I’ll go over what gaming was like in Vietnam (a lot of Sims and Kung Fu MMOs).

    And how to cross the street in Saigon, the finale to Battlestar Galactica, and why Top Gear is my new favorite tv show.

  3. Oh man! I finally got the call to move up to the big show. No more of this farm league podcasting BS. That being said can i do it next week maybe or something? Im moving on Friday and wont have the intranet on Thursday.

    You should talk about the Tim and Eric show and how it sucks. Or if you like it you should talk about how you suck for liking it. Also there’s the new Indy and Ghostbuster games, will they be good? Terminator Salvation. Jimmy Fallon and Conan OBrian. What about how most cartoons suck now a days. Oh yeah and a hard hitting exposé on farting in public, is it just better to pretend nothing happened?

  4. oh yeah and this band is odd Steve. I feel like it would be in my podcast if i was fighting vampires, or driving along in a post apocalyptic world. its like game music for the occult. Catchy though

    1. I’ll be here till tomorrow. Whether my internet will decide to be cooperative is a different story.

  5. Jeff, we record tomorrow so if you’ll have internet AND you and Peter can put aside this generations old blood feud of yours, then we’ll be glad to have you.

  6. Alright, I won’t be taking part in this next podcast but I was just sent something dorky/cool that all y’all might want to look at. You’ve probably already seen it but they’re making Apocalypse Meow into a movie called Cat Shit One.


    Looking forward to listening to the next one. Great song cues Mike!

  7. Yeah, I figured I wouldn’t be able to figure out embedding, that’s why I also put the link.

    Oh, and if I ever girlie guest spot again I swear I’ll talk slower. And/or pretend I’m Ian.

  8. Might have to raise your voice a bit to mimic THIS man’s vocal harmony!!!

    What time are we doing this? I may have to cut out early to pickup the woman from work later this evening.

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