The MaldenCast Episode 501


Well it’s in the bag, warts and all.

Click below to listen.

Direct Download.

It’s not on iTunes yet. As far as I can tell I’ll need to write an entire .xml script to get it on there.
Yay! I made a deal with the Devil but it’s been submitted and under review (gulp!)
There is a 7 second space of dead air around the 12 minute mark, whoops. I’ll fix that before it goes on iTunes.

Unfortunately we lost the Yo Gabba Gabba! tangent for an obvious reason that couldn’t be edited around…

Next week we need show notes just to keep things moving along. The tangents are great it’s just when we switch gears there’s lots of umming and uhhing and dead air that I had to edit around. I was probably the most guilty of that sin.


18 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 501

  1. Not my fault. Everytime I see Yo Gabba Gabba, I expect some sort of Adult Swim/Comedy Central shenanigans happening.

    Peter Hon. Not a racist 2009 campaign.

  2. Yea im about to listen but i’m pretty happy with how things went. next week more prep, more topics (im going to make notes of things during the week that I deem podcast worthy)
    I think were doing ok for our first run though. A couple things I was aware of (myself included) a few issues. First, even though we probably have a handful of listeners (ourselves, and our significant others) we did get a little too “inside” with personal info that only we have any idea of. Even if its just pretend we need to act like we have millions of listeners who never lived in 501 malden. That kinda goes for things were doing in our real lives too. Sorry for jumping on you about the Street fighter night, Peter. Im actually fairly surprised I cought on. Its too easy to think of this as a fun conferance call (which it is) as opposed to a “show”. All that being said, I think the only way this will be fun for all of us is too keep things fairly loose and fun and personal. Anyways my thoughts.

    p.s. I’m not going to advertise this personally (facebook, myspace, etc.) for a few shows. I want to listen to it first to see if even I endorse it 🙂

  3. I actually think we should go as uncut as possible. Meaning we only do edits for time as oppose to content.

    So put that Yo Gabba Gabba bit in the intro for the next podcast, but feel free to put a disclaimer that its Peter Hon’s opinion and it isn’t exactly shared by the Malden and its affiliates.

    Also, I don’t think we introduced Lacey on the podcast. We came back from the break and suddenly she’s in the quorum.

    I like sound bites. The intro and Chad’s “that’s the best thing I said all night” entertained my semi napping brain.

  4. Yea here my issue with overly racy (or racial) content. As a member of two forms of entertainment media (this and work) and a desire to go further (my own company, etc.) I feel, as much as we all should, that being tied to something that can label us in a bad light or can come from the past to bite us in the ass. I know it seems paranoid but I could see the wrong thing, even in jest, being on the podcast possibly hurting me at work. Most likely not but, hey i gotta be careful. Now we can be racy all day but there some things that we are only joking about that everyone might not get. All that being said i feel like a douche for being paranoid like this 😛 Though i do agree about things being raw and uncut.

    I enjoy breaks because we get more music. Bravo for some sweet music choices mike!

    In no way does lacey intend to force herself into the lineup. That was a product of curcimstance. Though I do believe a “womans opinion” pre recorded segment might be funny. She can tell us whats new with Jane Austin or something. Hell I cam tell you whats new with Jane Austin. I love that shit. This is just an idea. It wont be forced down anyones throat. She has no desire to go all “yoko” on this so soon. Consider her a guest star 🙂

    I do want to hear that “deadbeat dad segment” It can be a mini segment where peter tells us something funny that his kid did or some nugget of fatherly wisdom.
    Man I feel almost guilty about how much i enjoyed listening to us talk. I really sound like that!?

  5. Yep, you do.

    Sorry, Peter, I’ve crossed a lot of lines before but I’m going to continue to stand behind this one with my arms crossed politely behind my back. We know you, but not everyone else does, it’s not even worth opening the door and taking one step down that path just for a few laughs.

    But man that was funny. If anyone would like all 2 1/2 hours of unedited footage I can upload it into our media storage on the site and you can get it from there.

  6. iTunes is not happening anytime soon. WordPress (being free and all I can’t complain) has thrown up just about every road block conceivable. I can create a category feed and upload that to iTunes but the feed itself won’t allow for iTunes tags which would make it impossible to search for. There’s other options off site that involve money or questionable hosting sites.

    I’m burnt out.

    1. Steve, I’m not saying Lacey isn’t welcome. I’m saying we came back from break and I think the average listener is thinking “where did this other person come from?”. We just forgot to formally introduce her into the ‘cast.

      I suppose its best for me to let the Yo Gabba Gabba bit go. I need to find work, so no skeletons to hide is always helpful.

  7. Also we didn’t address Ian’s disappearance either both are a result of my “soft” hosting abilities. Hey we’ll get the hang of this sooner or later. But Lacey is very much welcome at anytime.

  8. I like that someone might think Lacey is my alter ego and I just change my voice a little once in character.

    Ill agree with keeping it a bit cleaner (than I normally would be, personally) for employment and offending strangers etc..though for the “inside jokes” stuff I see both sides of the coin.

    yes, it does make sense to keep everything clear for an audience that isnt in on the jokes, but on the other hand I think its realistically just a remote chance that anyone other than us (or our friends) will come across the podcasts anyways. I mean I rarely listen to podcasts of major sites..Im not sure this will become that popular that people outside our circle will come across the cast and be confused by our inside stories.

    That said, I agree we should try our best to refrain from them so that the casts CAN be ready for anyone who finds them….just in case.

  9. I completly agree with what you’re saying Ian. Realistically we will have almost zero listeners (and proud of it) and really, who gives a shit. I think of this as a fun Fischer Price “My first Radio Show” where we basically have a fun phone call with my long lost friends under the guise of a podcast. But, like Ian saying I think we can walk the line between both. Also it depends what we want to do with our site. I have some ideas that ill try and sketch up that might be fun.

    Mike as for all the tech stuff, your heroically taking it by the horns. What can we do (even monetarily) to help with this. Well, I wont speak for everyone else.

    Also we may want to make a new thread to “prep” for this week but I have games (demos at least) I will probably comment on:
    Demo for
    Call of Duty: World at war – It’s Jack Bauer vs. Japan!
    Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X: Jesus what a stupid title. Yet the game is gorgeous, on par with Ace Combat, at least graphically. The controls are identical with one slight camera change that single handedly makes me kinda stand up and pay attention. Also I think you can play the whole campaign co-op
    More RE5: Chad and I played a bunch of Co-op. Unless I can find a place to do the operation that might be the last time im a hot black woman.

    So yea play the demos if you want and we can talk about them! Or not at all 😛

  10. sounds like a plan..I finally listened to the entire cast last night and thought you did a great job Mike.

    Interesting to hear the watchmen breakdown..I havent read the novels or seen it yet, so ive had the same internal debate that Steve/Lacey did on which to do first…still debating actually.

    Unfortunately Im sans 360/ps3, so Ill just try to check out some footage to prep for the discussions. Unless you guys want to hear about Worms 2 DS that I played on the trip to vegas (got it last year, but its a keeper for sure)…maybe Ill get Madworld by then too, very anxious to try that one out.

    Mike, I did opt to buy HOD: Overkill from gamefly so we can give it a run when you come into town. Chad/Steve if you guys find some time Id be happy to bring this over to your hood (or you can swing by my pad) so you can have a nice dose of giggles as well (now with extra cheese!)

    My only suggestion for the podcast is to throw in some Advantage for a break sometime in the future.

  11. Man hell yes lets talk about worms. I think the more we get off the beaten path of games and get more obscure the better. Also I know mikes doing the post duties but maybe we can take turns coming up with what break music to use. Just a thought.
    And yes “First you must call me Poppa” gildea did a great job herding the cats. Next week i’ll lets others speak. Promise!

  12. Sup fellas, I’d love to get in on this madness. But the boat seems to have sailed out from shore already and is quite full of passengers. I have plenty to share. I’d love to dive into the 9th Wonder of the World’s return to glory…Capcom. RE5 and SF4 are a couple of gems that need some gloat time. Oh man…forgots bout da Commando……BIONIC Commando that’s coming.

    Also, I’d like to dissect Seattle sports fans as to why they’re such a….what’s the word….band-wagon town. Especially with the recent Sounders FC hype. I’ve been a lifelong football (or soccer!!) fan and just don’t understand how half the people in that stadium last Thursday night could understand what true footballing is all about. BAH!!!

    Lastly: Why has Snoey not approved my friend request on XBL?? I need a support gunner in the back of my Jackal jeep…!!!

    BTW Steve, I’ve got a sweet gift for you sir. Seriously. So hit me up.

    Chad, you can’t sound ANY worse than I…I’ve yet to break the puberty barrier myself.

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