Randomness: The Podcasting, Resident Evil 5 Talking, PixelJunk-ing Edition

So lads, Wednesday it is for the podcast. Get your Skype ready and RSVP in the comments below if you can attend. We can do it as late in the evening as need be but it’s happening. The events set into motion can’t be stopped now.

We’re sans format, or topics for that matter but we’ll just free form it and see if it can be edited into anything sensible. Be there or miss out on history.

So it finally happened, some Japanese company finally did it. The company who shall remain nameless has apparently picked up where Tojo left off. In one final attempt to defeat America they have released a piece of entertainment software for your video game machines. A game so racist that it will most assuredly send this great nation of ours into a downward spiral of race riots, complete and total economic ruin, or at the very least a series of pretty annoying YouTube videos.

They call it Resident Evil 5, behold our national downfall:

Damn, those graphics are tight! And I can play co-op with a friend? Sweet! But what’s with the main dude’s arms? And why doesn’t he ever shoot while running?

So I think I’ve pretty much covered everything that’s been said about RE5 leading up to it’s release. So I believe Jeff and Chad are playing it now so I have to ask, how is it? I’ll have it next week sometime, and I do look forward to playing it co-op with you guys but I am curious what you think of the game. Discuss.

And finally, I know I am about a year late to the party but I am addicted to PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Eden. Monsters especially has a hold of me. It gets me right in the same place that RTS games used to grab me and consume my life. Luckily for me Monsters is just as easy to put down as it is to pick up, the perfect downloadable game. And Eden surprisingly had as much thought put into it’s game play as it’s A/V experience. I promise you’ll never miss an Alexander Hamilton less in your life if you spend him on one of these gems.


25 thoughts on “Randomness: The Podcasting, Resident Evil 5 Talking, PixelJunk-ing Edition

  1. I’ll leave my interesting questions for the podcast. We can talk taxes and shit in the mean time. How you using your return money folks? Me? Lets say I won’t have to worry about work for at least a month.

  2. I dunno if I can make wednesday, Im leaving for vegas the next morning and have a crap load to pack (mostly cosmetics and beauty items).

    I thought the same thing when I saw RE5..WTF is up with his arms? Anyways, me likes the co-op option. Hopefully Ill get to try it out soon.

  3. man, I don’t have a mic OR Skype. Also I hate to be a naysayer but should we have some sort of structure? Like if we dont have any theme music or topics were not really a podcast, sort of just some guys talking. Cant we post a thread and we can jot down some ideas and edit them into a loose “script”? Now dont get me wrong I dont want to strictly stick to the show notes because that can be a drag. The best podcasts wander. But I only say all of this because i’ve heard so many shit podcasts that don’t even try to be a “show”. Lets be a “show”.

    Also here’s what i think should be our lead in theme music. Someone contact Malden Legal and see the rules for using music in your podcast.

    [audio src="http://www.vertexguy.com/music/tributes/cpk-unsquadron-intro.mp3" /]
    Do any of us have the software to edit this?

  4. Dear Mike,

    How are you? I am good. How was your summer?
    RE5 is pretty great. Running around and killing zombies with you buddy is almost always going to be fun, I particularly enjoy giving giant dudes with chainsaws uppercuts before my partner spin kicks them. I disagree with X-Play, which usually I do on simple principal, about the controls. I don’t understand why people complain about not being able to shoot and run in RE? Its like complaining about fixed camera angles in the early games, its just part of the game. RE = Not moving whilst you shoot, get over it. Seems to me people usually include at least one RE game in their pantheon of great games despite the same tired complaints anyway. The story line is, in my opinion, not as solid as 4’s. It seems a little Kojima’d out, but without the super long and sometimes pointless dialogue. “But Jeff” you say “how can it be Kojima with out hours of cut scenes and talking?” I know it seems hard to make the correlation but it just has that “weird and needlessly complicated kind” of feeling to me. Honestly when you play it you will probably think I am way off on that. The single player is…not as fun. The AI, while certainly artificial, seems to lack in the “I” department and that can cause great frustration. But honestly who wants to play this game alone away? I can see this game being fun to play even after I have the unlimited ammo chain gun and have beat it 4 or 5 times, just so long as I have a buddy to play as Sheva. I like to watch her walk…forget that last bit.

    PS: On a personal note can you believe that in the end Barry kills Godzilla with his mind?! AWESOME!

  5. The podcast will be edited…it will have music…Skype is a free and easy D/L…mics are cheap…I’ve been trying to get people to post ideas in 2 threads…That remix rulz!…Jeff, my summer was great but Kojima is the shadow no light can touch…Barry is a fantastic actor but…Godzilla will rise again.

  6. Alright perhaps that response was a bit terse, and probably didn’t answer your questions sufficiently, Steve.

    I will be recording in Garage Band and will be able to put music in after we record the call. Also, editing will probably take me sometime and we can do it by committee and I will be open to all suggestions.

    Please feel free to put topic/format suggestions in this thread.

    And finally we can use the first 30 minutes or so of the call, or as long as it takes to hammer out the ground rules and what ever else we want to get out of doing this show. I really just set this deadline with Peter’s travel plans in mind and wanting to just get used to the tech and see if it works and it’s feasible. If this ends up being a test and it’s not worth releasing it will still gives a chance to talk about stuff we like and figure what works and what doesn’t.

    P.S. Skype works with standard line-in headset mics and USB Headsets. If you can’t swing by a Radio Shack, given where you work, surely you might be able to procure one there.

  7. I think you guys should give a scathing review of the Disney Afternoon and how it went down hill and its all because of Goof Troop and Bonkers

  8. One could make an argument that Darkwing Duck was revving the motorcycle engine in preparation for the shark jump. Before you tear that statement apart SAVE IT FOR THE PODCAST!

  9. Screw that noise. Goof Troop was great. Its Mar Supalami that was the true nail in the coffin. That and Power Rangers.

  10. Although I used to think Rescue Rangers and Tailspin were heavenly additions (as a kid) I look back now and think they were the start of the downward spiral.

    Peaked at Ducktales.

  11. Wait is that a joke? Rescue Rangers and tailspin were there from the start right? RIGHT? or did they chuck in Gummi Bears for a while?

    1. There was proto Disney Afternoon, which was Ducktales, Gummi Bears, and something else. I think Disney Afternoon proper was Ducktales, Rescue rangers, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck.

      oh, Skype username: peter_hon

  12. Oh no no no i refuse to believe Darkwing Duck was in the original line up. Someone set me up the wikipedia!
    Man, We need some sort of recorder conference call to give us a place to hash this all out.

  13. Gummi Bears, Ducktales, Rescue Rangers is what started it all and then shortly afterwords Talespin arrived . Course I wouldn’t expect anyone who liked Goof Troop to know such things…I am sorry that was uncalled for.

    1. If this was Street Fighter 4, Jeff, you’d be getting a Flaming Foot up your ass. Sorry. Sorry. That was uncalled for.

      And Gummi Bears was definitely Proto DA. Disney Afternoon wasn’t dubbed official until Rescue Rangers and Talespin made the scene.

      Also, when the hell is this podcast happening? You got my Skype ID so set a time so I remember not to play SF4 when its podcast time.

  14. Sorry. I was just trying to give you ideas for your podcast like you asked and then people started talking Mike and you know how much I love talking. Im done now I swear

  15. I added you in my skype but I think you need to confirm my request. Also we’re trying to get as many people as possible so it’s probably going to be around 7 or 8 pacific time.

  16. Alright Peter that last comment about Gummi bears is the last straw. FROM the all knowing Wikipedia

    “Some of the early cartoon series in The Disney Afternoon came from already in-circulation cartoons, such as Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears (created years earlier). DuckTales and Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers had been a one hour long cartoon block in 1989-1990, until both were incorporated into The Disney Afternoon the next year. TaleSpin was the first series presumably created expressly for The Disney Afternoon.”

    ….Also Goof Troop sucks.

    Man if we get this podcast working its going to be a bloodbath.

  17. Ok, I guess Im a fool for not realizing it was offically “Disney Afternoon” at one point.

    I was referring to the fact DuckTales started 1987, Rescue Rangers didnt show up for another 2 years and Tailspin came 6 months later.

    So depending on who you listen to, either Im a d-bag or Steve is..but Id vote for me cause D-bag Jones has a nicer ring to it.

    SNOEY when are we gonna get together after work? You better come to my party, cause I already told Hector you’re looking for him.

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