Randomness: The Retro Game Challenging, Ass Eating, Twitter Intergrating Edition

So while most of you are Tiger Uppercutting your way through the day (Gamefly and the USPS are conspiring against me) I have been spending some time with a few less celebrated pieces of software.

Retro Game Challenge
is quite a bit of fun so far. The premise is a bit long in the tooth to explain here so I’ll let wiki do it for me. Are you caught up now? Anyways, you end up challenging a bunch of 8-bit classics, not ones you’ve ever played but lovingly recreated homages to games that will instantly (in most cases) be familiar to you. As you progress not only do you get new games but game magazines that have tips and tricks for you to peruse if you get stuck. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and it appears that with such a small print run it may be increasingly hard to find, so nab one soon.

So, Noby Noby Boy… where do I begin. In many ways it is the truest form of a sandbox game. It’s from the creator of the Katamari games so that should give you an idea of how bizarre it is. The highlight for me so far is eating a man and then a cat and then shitting out a cat-man. Also there was this one time I stretched myself so far I snapped in half and had to eat my own ass to become whole again. It’s only $4.99 on PSN so just buy it. I’ll PayPal you Five bucks if you felt you didn’t get your moneys’ worth.

So, obviously we’re all finding less time to come here and blog about the dumb crap we’re into. I’ve seen the hits and all our ad revenue spiraling downward. Now, I know you’ve all heard of Twitter, regardless of how you feel about it, for the purposes of this blog it would be a real quick and dirty way to update us on what you’re doing/playing/eating/fingering etc. without having to go through the hell of writing the thoroughly thought provoking content we’re used to seeing here.

So get or tell me your Twitter name and I can set-up an RSS Feed or widget right near the top of the page. It’ll be great, you wanna yoga flame one of us? Just Twitter it and it will be up at the top of the page for all of us to read. So, yeah, go do it our something.

Oh and finally if I could plant a seed (and this maybe absurd because we can’t even organize a game night)…


Yeah, I just typed it. Now tell me in the comments if that’s even something any of you would be willing to attempt.

Also, say hi to Ian in that terrible Conan O’Brien post, he misses you.


17 thoughts on “Randomness: The Retro Game Challenging, Ass Eating, Twitter Intergrating Edition

  1. Man I gots to get my hands on all of this stuff. As for the podcast i’m intrigued yet not sure who would even listen to us. This will take some thinking.

  2. First subject for a podcast? “Can you tell the size of a mans johnson from the sound of his stream as he pees next to you?” Id listen to that

    1. Podcast.

      Go with a Top Gear style format. We pick a game, rip it up, and see where things land. Have 3 snarky presenters (Mike, Steve, Chad) with a revolving door of a ‘Stig’. We need guests of some sort, though who do we know that would actually come on the podcast is a mystery. We need a podcast consultant or something.

  3. Call me crazy but I think games should be only one of many topics we would cover and only sporatically or in a segment. There are probably 500 million ameteur video game podcasts (excluding “A life well wasted” which I will cover in a new post. recommended!) that do this same format. Yet the ones where the train flies completly off the rails are the ones I like the most. That’s how I imagine things going in our theoretical podcast. Theres a lot of dumb stuff in the world to talk about and games is not even my favorite right now. At least not the popular ones. If we hit games we have to hit it from an original angle.

    Also whats a stig

  4. Yeah I don’t think we need to get into game news or anything like that. Just maybe a what we’re playing segment and just run with that.

    Speaking of what I’m playing: SFIV, an utterly humiliating experience.

  5. Yea since the AI continues to make me its bitch, I don’t even want to take on some random 14 year old Korean kid.

  6. Speaking of 14 year old Korean kids, Im having a HUGE bday bash at the Temple billiards later this month- 3/27 (friday).

    Steve & Chad, you guys are on the invite..Peter, I dont have your email so send it to me if you want in on the action (or you guys can forward it to him).

    We rented the entire basement level..might have live music, and probably will setup a Wii area (Boomblox and Wiisports?)

    BTW Mike…my old roommate Misti got knocked up and is having a shotgun wedding. On April 18th. One of the three days the Tigers (and you) are in town…..NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  7. 3/27. Hmmm going to Vietnam on the 26th, so I’m a no show.

    I’ll be gone for 5 weeks. 5 weeks unplugged. Interesting.

    1. How the hell do you combine things in Noby Noby Boy? Is it just 2 things at a time? I’ve already stretched him out to a ridiculous length, and its starting to get into Katamari size eating.

      Also, Phoenix Wright is coming from Goozex (game trading site). What should I expect other than “OBJECTION!!”

  8. I’ve only played and solved Apollo Justice. I would just be prepared for a little more than your average anime shenanigans.

    As for everyone else, this podcast is going to happen, before you leave Peter. On the technical side, all that is required from you guys is skype and two hours of free time. On the creative side I would like to see more format suggestions, general ideas, and whatever else.

  9. Phoenix Wright is hilarious…but seems to have a sharp learning curve. I typically have to resort to gamefaqs halfway through the 3rd case to get a hint.

  10. I’m late to the party as usual. *dramatic sigh*



    *punches ground*

    Ow…I shouldn’t be doing that.

    Anyways, I didn’t know where to toss this first post so I fig’d here was good as any.

    I’ve yet to play NNN or RGC, but SFIV is filling the void nicely. Although playing online is a sad reminder of what people (kids/teens/lil pricks) behaved….like myself….in the arcade days.

    Gawd I was a little shit.

    Keep in touch. Blog looks great Mike. Needs more Haggar imho…

    1. I have wednesday off from husband/fatherly responsibilities. So that would be the day to do a podcast for me. You guys can grill me on what its like in Vietnam and we can compare notes on our experiences trying to cross the street in Saigon (its all about momentum).

      I’ll probably need to pick up Retro Gaming Challenge to kill some time on my trip. A month in Vietnam. Probably need to hit up some burger joints while I’m at it too.

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