Malden Game Night…

…because we’re tired of playing with this guy.

I was hoping to set aside a couple of hours one day a week where we could get our game on together. So I ask you which night, what time and which games would work for all of you.

Well? Well???


20 thoughts on “Malden Game Night…

  1. Wednesday and Thursday work for me. Will SF 4 support 4 players online, like a tournament? I need to get Steve to buy a used copy of Left 4 Dead. That would be fun.

  2. I love the shit out of this idea. I will wait to see whats good for everyone else first. I have been working pretty late lately though so I might have a hard time guaranteeing anything. I’ll wait and see what everyone else has to say and see what i can do.

    1. That, TMNT, or Castle Crashers works. I played some Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, and that was fun with a full lobby of 4.

      Street Fighter 4 is coming, so is the new King of Fighters later in April. In the meantime, Wednesday/Thursdays work for me.

  3. Thursdays work for me as well. Wednesday is also doable but I’m so far up Lost’s asshole that I don’t think I can commit.

    As far as games go Castle Crashers is cheap and four players, obviously I vote for L4D as well.

    So, the motion is on the floor: Thursdays when Steve gets home. All in favor?

  4. YEs. I would like to try this. And now a disclaimer. Im not sure if I can be counted on to make it every week. Even this week. I’ve been working pretty late 😦 But we will see. I will totally shoot for this week. What are we playing?

  5. Well, Steve, you definitely should pick up Left 4 Dead, or at the very least D/L Castle Crashers. I guess the rest of us can warm up with L4D and then when you show up we’ll switch over to whatever you have. Definitely open to suggestions though…

  6. Update: This week is a wash 😦
    I have some SC2 deadlines that would make you sick. Or something like that. I’ve been working mass late daily. It sucks I totally want in on this.

  7. Might not make it. Taking Michael to Children’s Hospital because the wife likes to overreact to him getting sick with the flu.


    Ok, I’m still in. Just invite me when you guys are on.

  8. Wow ok so off to a bad start for Malden Game night. Sorry Mike that was pretty sad. Shall we attempt this again someday? Next week? I really want this to happen cause as I recall the Last Malden game night was us playing Halo 3. I think we can do better. I’ll even go try and scoop up left 4 dead.

  9. Actually Flower is pretty awesome… If you guys wanna do this next week let ME know. I’m too emotionally fragile to take all that rejection two weeks in a row.

  10. Hey man its not you. It’s life. The wonderful Irony of being in the games biz is that you don’t get to play games anymore. maybe that explains how some developers who have been in the biz for a while get more and more out of touch with what people are playing and release games that are out of touch. Hmmm….

    1. Hey, I was on my 360. It would help if you didn’t set you’re Live status to away for 2+hours, Mike. 😛

      Anyway, SF4 is on my preorder list.

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