buys 1up/EGM – discuss

Personally, I could care less about 1up. The only thing they had were “personalities”, and my affinity to JackFM confirms I hate ‘personalities’. Although I guess I’m just jealous that people got paid to basically sit around and do nothing, but considering that most of the 1up podcast had no sponsoring and hosting your podcast on iTunes cost money (even if its free), well no fuck they were gonna cut out the fat.

Here’s a link to the news, just to be relevant.


4 thoughts on “ buys 1up/EGM – discuss

  1. Yea I started listening to the 1up podcasts and 1up show a while back. I know they weren’t a perfect organization but the “personalities” did start to grow on me. I don’t know maybe it’s like old relatives. They can be annoying at times but you still like them. I thought the 1up show was a pretty decent video game show compared to the EXTREME-ness of G4, gamespot, and whoever it is that has the developer be interviewed on the bed by the playmates. So lame. It was just a little more laid back, they took the time to ask reasonable questions of developers, and talked to a lot of Japanese developers that the other guys don’t really give a darn about, produced a somewhat professional show with some catchy music, and seemed to take some time to look a little deeper. That’s my take anyways. I am bummed that EGM will no longer be published if for no other reason then nostalgia.

    They also published my first piece of professional concept art in GFW before it went under. They will always have a place in my heart for that.

  2. I can understand if you were listening for awhile, but everytime I tried to listen to 1up Yours or 1up Show, it was fuck city. Meaning every other word was fuck. Is it better than G4? Well ANYTHING is better than G4, so I concur.

    Still, if you look at NeoGaf, you would think someone’s mom or something just died. Its a podcast, not a religion. At least I hope not.

    Also, I know there may be some NDAs, but what’s going on with work Steve?

  3. Yea they did swear a lot.

    Oh it’s no secret. I’m still working on SupCom2! And i’m pretty sure this doesn’t violate anything but it’s coming together pretty good. Were really trying out some crazy stuff.

  4. Game coming along nicely. That’s good to hear. I’m just working on the thing that will be running on everyone’s Dell/Alienware/HP PC for the next couple of years. And getting ready for the eventual contract ending.

    You got Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Steve? I just saw a new trailer for King of Fighters. May 2009 can’t come soon enough.

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