Home Is Out Today…Yay.

So I’ve been mum about this for legal and personal integrity but I’ve been in the Home Beta for a month now. It is truly, in Beta form an underwhelming and superfilious experience.

Now I hate to elbow drop a dead horse as most video game media have been doing now but I have to agree with the haters. Hopefully the actually release will be better but the frame work of what’s there does not give me a lot to be optimistic about.

It’s just a real clunky way for match-making and the little stuff to do in your house or plaza is just a waste of time. You can bowl and play pool but in my limted experience I couldn’t even do that because people were in my way!

And don’t get me started on the dancing…


12 thoughts on “Home Is Out Today…Yay.

  1. Where the hell is HOME on the XMB? Is it under networks? I haven’t really been smitten with any of the Mii/Avatar stuff from both the Wii/360, so I honestly am trying to find what’s the actual point of all of these faux-social networks. Is it going to enhance the game experience? Am I going to be able to play actual games easier with other users?

  2. I’ve heard everything was wonky yesterday and that home practically crashed PSN. I had to go in to the Playstation Store and download the Beta so I imagine you must do the same for the full release.

  3. Well, looks like my weekend will be dedicated to trying to make myself in HOME. Sony needs to copy the Create-A-Wrestler from Smackdown VS Raw/RAW and MS needs to add in facial feature editing (i.e. size/shape/positions).

  4. All these second life/ Virtual world type things seem like they may go the way of Virtual Reality. Really nice buzzwords but complete emptyness versus the practicality of using menus to play games with other people, not sitting in “virtual living rooms” to play on virtual tvs or whatever. Wake me up when Pokemon world comes online.

  5. I ran around Home yesterday and was not impressed. I’ll take the more playful form of capitalism in Animal Crossing, thank you very much. And yes, I’ll be there for Pokemon world.

    Remember, Monster Hunter 3 comes out very soon!

  6. Yup very barebones. I guess we’re still in beta form. Its just a glorified chatroom, and I haven’t been to one of those in at least 7 years. Lots of users just chatting. Needs more Godzilla or just crazy stuff like holodecks or something. Right now its just a virtual Supermall of Kent.

  7. So there is apparently one fun thing to do in home.

    It’s called ‘Quincying’ invented by one of the Joystiq bloggers. It’s classic bait and switch. Lure unsuspecting teenage males in with a hot sexy female avatar and just as they’re dancing with you and using the best pick-up lines a 14 year old is armed with, POOF you quickly change to the most hideous elephant man avatar you can create.

    It’s good for a few chuckles. Obviously well worth the time money and resources Sony put in to creating Home.

  8. After waiting to bowl, waiting to play ice breakers and waiting to enter any freaking building, I have to say, I’d rather be Home-less. That is all.

  9. Man you think your dancing and partying with undoubtedly exact virtual replicas of real life babes and BAM! fatty Tim Robbins! Bravo
    (Though one of those guys could smell a trap)

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