So, “the Lady” has broken down…

Was backing out of my space at work when I heard a ‘POP!’  Tried to put it into drive but wasn’t moving.  Got out of the car….

My driver side wheel was disconnected from the axle.  Called the Roadside assistance from my Progressive Insurance card.  Sent a towtruck that was too big to fit in to the under ground garage 45 minutes later.  Was told I would get another truck in 30 minutes.  30 minutes pass with no truck.  Call the dispatcher, and it looks like she “forgot”.  

By now, it was 6:30 pm and I had been in the garage for 4 hours already.  Decided to try taking a look at the wheel by taking off my tire.  Yup, can’t fix it.  Ended up over rotating one of the bolts holding the tire on, so that needs fixing too.  “At least I can get some food while I wait” I figured.  Cafeteria was closed. 

So 7:00 rolls by and the Tow Truck guy shows.  Apparently he was dispatched from Monroe.  What the fuck?  Anyway, I was more happy to see the guy than mad and we took it to the AAMCO on Bel Red Road.  Gonna be a while till I get a estimate, but I’m guessing $500-600?  As long as its not in the thousands, I think I’ll be okay.


4 thoughts on “So, “the Lady” has broken down…

  1. No kidding. That’s the blessing in disguise of the whole ordeal. The waiting for 4-6 hours? Not so much. 😉

  2. Looks like there’s a bunch of other stuff to fix (i.e. serpentine belt, tune up, leaking coolant hoses). So the total is at $1000+. I’m probably gonna sell it after this is done.

    Good bye car.

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