Bright Lights, Not So Big City

Animal Crossing: City Folk is out!

It’s Deja-vu the third time through! Honestly it took some strength to do this again and after seeing these ads I almost balked entirely.

That said I’m living the dream and I’m setting this thread aside for AC:CF commentary, friend codes, whatever…

So come join me and those two hot yet Stepford-Wife-ish blondes, we’re having a blast! Again!


12 thoughts on “Bright Lights, Not So Big City

  1. I’m still debating picking it up. I just don’t know if I have the will for it. I’m going to EB this morning, so we’ll see.

  2. Gah, was hoping to get either Wario Land Shake It or Left 4 Dead. Animal Crossing’s not my thing, though I wonder if my wife would like it… *scratches chin*

    Been playing Gears of War 2. Do I lose my Malden credentials for saying that? Its mostly fun playing in Horde mode. 5 players vs wave after wave of AI bad guys. Very much a Alamo sort of deal.

  3. I’ve been doing concept homework in an attempt to impress my Japanese publishing overlords. I want this game but I fear what it will do to my career.

  4. I want it but I just got phantom hourglass and Tecmo bowl just came out so i dont know how much i would play it. Sean just got it though so maybe that will be the stray that makes the camel…buy…the game…or something

  5. Oh yeah I’m THAT Jeff. Worked at EB, worked at GameCrazy, and apparently cant spell straw. I ruin so my jokes with my poor typing skills

  6. Tecmo Bowls pretty cool, its really the same old tecmo. but then again portable tecmo bowl is a pretty awesome thing. No NFL players or teams but you can customize the team names, player names and player stats so thats good

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