Left 4 Dead Demo

So who wants to try this out with me?  I know Chad was interested in it, AND I know everyone here has a 360, so that’s not a valid out.  Come on, when’s the last time we did some zombie/monster/air bombardment bonding? 

I need to exercise my Live Gold account some how.  😦


11 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead Demo

  1. I’ll look for you later tonight. I have a date, so I’m not sure when I’m getting home. Ooooh!

  2. I guess we better hope you DON’T go home tonight. 😉

    Ha, I’m a funny man. But yeh, anytime after 8pm I’m usually on the 360 or PS3.

  3. Hopefully Chad is playing “Portal” right now and not L4D.

    I really want in on the Zombpocalypse but I am sans ‘Box for another month. Just Wii and PS3 for me.

  4. Ooops, I realized I picked up Mirror’s Edge on Wednesday. Next week for sure. Who’s up for Animal Crossing?

  5. I’m going to pick-up AC on Sunday, not sure if I’m “up” for it though.

    I know I used to be quite the booster for the series in the past but not sure if there’s enough new stuff to get me excited. I will give it a fair shot concerns aside.

  6. My copy of Mirror’s Edge should be coming today or tomorrow. If I see you online, I’ll send you an invite. In the meantime, might be a good idea to have the demo downloaded beforehand.

    I think you guys can guess, but Animal Crossing wasn’t flying with me. Funkr and all that jazz. Apologies for stealing away the neighbors, though I think Mike decided to cut all of the trees in Funkr down in retaliation.

    Did your 360 die, Mike?

  7. No Red Ring shenanigans I’m actually on vacation and not in Alaska. However, I knew I’d be gone for awhile so I mailed my PS3 and Wii to where I’m at. The XBox didn’t make the trip.

  8. Okay, that makes sense. If I see you on LBP, I’ll try to join/invite. Some of those user created levels are pretty fun. All of the levels created by the guy that did “World of Color” and “Jailbreak” have been pretty fun, and I still need to finish the Single Player story mode.

    Are there any MP games you guys have for PS3? I got Metal Gear Online, Warhawk, and Pure that I can think off the top of my head. I’ll probably pass on Resistance 2 and wait for Killzone 2.

    What system are we going for Resident Evil 5? Either is fine with me, just want to coop through it.

  9. I will get a PS3 for motorstorm. Thats multiplayer right. I thought it was fun almost at a “San Francisco Rush” Way.
    Also Animal Crossing already!? Shit.

  10. I think so. I had to choose between that and Pure, but I think Pure is more like SSX Tricky. Basically, most games on 360 are on PS3, though the 360 controller works better for FPS/TPS games. Also, don’t forget MGS4. YOU BETTER BE GETTING MGS4.

    Are we talking MotorStorm or MotorStorm: Pacific Rift? Cause the first Motorstorm is a Greatest Hits now (MSRP $30) so is the first Resistance, and I think WarHawk is too.

    I think the main PS3 multiplayer game you HAVE to get is Little Big Planet. Its just plain fun. If my wife can play terribly and still enjoy herself, I think Media Molecule and Sony have a franchise with some long legs here.

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