Steve And Cloud Are Best Friends…

This story courtesy of Kotaku:

Square Enix, famous for dealing exclusively with Japanese developers, takes the first steps towards becoming a truly global publisher today, announcing a strategic partnership with Seattle-based Gas Powered Games.

Hey Steve! Tell Cid I said Hi!


8 thoughts on “Steve And Cloud Are Best Friends…

  1. Damn you beat me to it. I can speak freely now. I’m getting payed with money earned when Peter bought Final Fantasy XII. Wish us luck cause this kinda responsibility is frightening.

  2. I bought Final Fantasy 12? When did this happen? Also, now I want to work at GPG. I’m available in February, if that helps.

    Now you have a great stewardship upon you, Snoey. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys pump some inspiration into this.

  3. Sorry Peter I just assumed you did. I needed a squaresoft perchase from one of us to make it “personal”. I actually can’t even remember the last thing I bought from Square. As for employment I’m not sure what the story is on that. Though if you have a lot of free time maybe make some robots and futuristic military vehicles. And put them on your website. You know, for kicks!

  4. Huh, I actually do have a copy of FF12. I don’t even remember playing it. Must be my brother’s copy.

  5. You wouldn’t believe how many “Ha ha I hope you can control Chocobos!” Dumbwad comments i’ve seen.

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