Mirror’s Edge

I downloaded the demo last night and was pleasantly surprised.   It’s one of those rare first person games where you can see your legs and arms.  But it does a great job of giving you rush of running over rooftops and maked crazy jumps between buildings.  This a Matrix game many years too late and I’m excited to play it.

Check out the demo.


9 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge

  1. Yeah, it’s the real deal. I also recommend downloading the demo. For the most part the controls work great (I found the “tuck” maneuver when vaulting fences a little wonky) although, for me, the sixaxis controls were unresponsive.

  2. I turned off the Sixasis motion controls. It wasn’t helping me. I also like the fact that I could bypass most of that circular staircase with wall jumps.

    This and Dead Space have been on my preorders for at least 2 months, so I’m diving right into the new IP goodness.

  3. I tried to download the demo and it gave me a permanent “download pending” notice. I watched it at pax though. A very cool idea.

  4. PS3 or 360, Steve? I had to make a UK account on my PS3 since they were taking forever to put it up on the US PSN. Also downloaded the 360 demo just to compare.

    Controls better on PS3, but doesn’t have Anti-Aliasing, so you’ll see jaggies. It might just be an old build they’re using (talk is that its the same demo used at E3 and PAX), so they might of fixed the AA issue. Otherwise, the game is identical on both systems.

  5. The kind of person with a wife, kid and student tuition to pay for himself and said wife. Being a hermit also permits the saving of cash… 😉

  6. Come Steve. Join us in our PSN nirvana of free online and Hi-definition Video stuff. Its fun!

    Also, Little Big Planet. Who’s on? I got the game, just got to the wedding in story mode. Spent most of my time trying out rollercoaster/rocket/plane levels on PSN. Also, shenanigans.

  7. I’m on but not sure if my current connection is up for the challenge. I’ll try and coordinate a time and we can give it a shot.

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