Most Expensive Sleep-Over EVER!

Kobe on the mic, A-rod on guitar, Michael Phelps on… uh, the other guitar and the Hawkman on the drums. If you thought seeing the Stones was pricey…

But seriously, unless these guys are just huge fans (it just dawned on me that Activision owns Tony Hawk’s soul) this commercial would have cost a fortune. By my calculations Activision needs to outsell Goregasm: The Legend of the Dong-Slayer just to pay for the advertising budget.

Now that’s what I call Risky Business! Hi-yo!

Well actually this has nothing to do with the post but it’s a must see.


8 thoughts on “Most Expensive Sleep-Over EVER!

  1. Either they did a shit load of takes to achieve that level of precision in the first slide in shot or there is some computer trickery at work. That’s my solution for anything that seems just too good to be true these days. I have no clue what pro athletes have to do with Guitar Hero. I do like the idea of selling, basically a karaoke game by having the original voice recording. Unless Kobe sounds just like Bob Seger.

    As for that second video I like the idea of a Vice president that reads all, ALL of the magazines all the way from Cat Fancy to Guns and Ammo to Tatoo Illustrated. I’m also glad she got to go on an airplane ride and got to be on teevee. We bought her some new outfits. You can have her back now.

    Also is Terry Tate running for anything? I mean anything? Does he want me to vote for something on his behalf.

  2. First shot. Definitely composited. Though everytime I see Phelps I think of THIS.

    I actually don’t mind Palin. She’s obviously out of her league in interviews, but my Spider sense feels no queesiness about her.

  3. Shit, missed the Terry Tate bit at the end. Was wondering why Steve was talking about Terry Tate…

  4. Yea I made the same mistake as Peter. Though you may want to get that spidey sense checked out Hon 🙂

  5. Well, its not like she’s gonna be in office. I almost consider it a forgone conclusion that Obama’s in. I just don’t see any reason to “hate” Palin. She’s a hockey mom. *shoulder shrug*

    I’m still tryin to figure out how they did that Terry Tate. It’s really either good editing or good compositing.

  6. You didn’t see the Katie Couric interview? That’s what happened! I blame 24 hour news cycles for sweeping this “anti-endorsement/ aggressive subscription sales tactic” under the rug.

    Edward R. Murrow is weeping in his grave.


  7. Wow, that sure looked real to me. Go Terry! We shouldn’t threaten our officials with bodily harm more often. Keep them in line, baby!

    I’m Chad Czajkowski and I approved this message.

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