WiiWare Piles On The Good But With Little Place To Go

If anyone has been paying attention WiiWare has been seeing the kind of surge XBLA did early in the summer. Megaman 9, World Of Goo, Tetris Party and the Art Style games are all must plays and and the VC has some long awaited (Super Mario RPG) and some crazy (Cho Aniki?!) releases.

Of course the storage issue is still a problem. Now, Nintendo has unveiled a solution but in my opinion it’s a case of too little, too late.

A software update is coming in the Spring (too late) that will allow you to stream the games off your SD card but it will lack SD High Capacity support (too little).

I’ve viewed the sentiment that “Nintendo only makes games for teenage girls and Soccer Moms now” as a canard of the stereotypical game nerd/game critic with blog space to fill. Now, for me, these sentiments are starting to ring true.

This hurts for me to admit but if Nintendo is truly alienating the “Core Gamer” and the Big N should find itself behind the curve again (N64) who will be there to support them? Certainly not these gamers.


4 thoughts on “WiiWare Piles On The Good But With Little Place To Go

  1. I wish I hated Nintendo for offering games for “soccer moms and teenage girls” but I don’t. My wife can’t even play Ouendan on easy, so if they want to hand Wii Music or any other casual games that will let my wife play with out dedicating more time than necessary, good for them.

    I’ll just be playing Dead Space afterwards. 🙂

    I don’t buy many VC/XBLA/PSN games, unless its something just weird/different/retro nostalgic. Linger in Shadows comes to mind. Its basically a interactive art exhibit, but it looks great and trippy to boot.

    If anything, I’m looking forward to picking up Wario Land and House of the Dead Overkill for the wii. Wii isn’t the core gamer system, but its still fun to play games on it.

  2. I don’t fault them either for it. I just worry now that they’re on top innovation and design will stagnate.

    Chad gave some brief Dead space impressions but a full review would be appreciated if it warrants one.

  3. Yeh, Chad needs to get on that review for Dead Space. I don’t want to write it, cause my reviews equal “AWESOME!! GORE!! LASER WELDING BEAMS!!”

    If Chad gets to review DS, then I’m doing the Mirror’s Edge review.

  4. Yea I’ve fallen for the “New” nintendo hook, line, and sinker. In the morning I check the newest news from Sri Lanka or whatever and the weather. And at night a half hour of Wii fit. Currently thats all the “gameplaying” I even do. So instead of nintendo moving away from hardcore I find myself going more casual. It’s pretty weird. On that note I hear Tetris Party uses the balance board. Am I a sucker for wanting to play more balance board games?

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