Mother 3 In Our Mother Tongue!

I’ve been waiting for this to be released for a few months now. A year ago I made a half-hearted attempt to play this in Japanese with a walk through, it didn’t take so I dreamed that this day would come. It’s easy to patch and runs smoothly on the PSP and on PC emulators. If you have any interest I recommend you run, not walk, over to the page and download it now. It’s an amazing labor of love and even more amazing it exists.

A bit of disclosure: I have played a lot of RPG’s but actually finished very few. Well, two to be exact. Chrono Trigger was one and Earthbound the other. Based on what I’ve played I believe I’ll finish number 3.


2 thoughts on “Mother 3 In Our Mother Tongue!

  1. I REALLY have to give Earthbound a spin. I haven’t had a taste for RPGs of any kind for awhile, and I have fond memories of Chrono Trigger.

    Any Emulator in particular works for this? Or is it all encompassing?

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