TGS does what E3 don’t.

So after the collective yawn the industry let out pre, post and during E3, the bar was set so low that  Makuhari Messe could have burned down and TGS would still have put on a better show.

Man so many goodies, I just wanted to create a place for us to gab like 12 year old girls about it.

Monster Hunter Wii, Phantasy Star 0, Madworld trailers, The DSi, Nintendo Points stupidity

I’m not verklempt but I did give you a topic. Discuss!


18 thoughts on “TGS does what E3 don’t.

  1. It doesn’t help that Kotaku/IGN aren’t really covering TGS as highly as E3 or even Leipzig. The only thing I heard of was DSi and MH3.

    Nothing about Sony, though I think they’re also showing Platinum Games’ Bayonetta (looks like DMC with librarian chick.. mmmm…).

    From the pics of the show floor, its nice to know that TGS is keeping that “for the fans” flavor that was missing at E3, but was replaced by PAX.

    I really want some more Japanese Developed games to look forward to. I’m starting to get tired of seeing talk about Gears 2/Socom/Tom Clancy’s something or other. I need my over the top fix BOB SAGET!!

  2. I’m excited for Monster Hunter, but that’s about it. Honestly, I think I’m done with gaming after this cycle ends. But you never know.

  3. I’m sort of with Chad. Unless there’s like a holodeck or something, I’m gonna sit the next generation out until the inevitable “Daddy I want a Nintendo Dimension!!” starts happening.

    Actually, I have a kid, so I don’t think I have a choice in this matter. He’s gonna suck me back in. Give me five, Michael Hon!!

  4. Huh its strange but I had an opposite reaction. after seeing all this stuff I started to feel the old tingle coming back. bayonetta looks so rediculo that I couldnt get enough. I wasn’t een really into devil may cry but the idea of a lady with morphing hair is just to crazy to miss. And how about Klonoa remade for wii? You would have to be heartless not to want in on this!! Or a new castlevania for the big systems that might have Alucard in it (there is a pretty good chance that this might suck but fingers crossed) Also for those who played it , No more heroes 2? And what of Muramasa?
    This shit has me freaking out!

    ….. Oh and Monster Hunter better own our lives or I wont be friends with you guys anymore 🙂

    p.s. Judging by my soreness wiiFit really works.

  5. I’ll be there for MH3. Muramasa better not be like Odin Sphere, where it starts off great but sort of drags on for too long.

    Klonoa Wii?! Where did this come from?

    Bayonetta looks like it has character designs by that fellow that drew Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    um… Forehead Laser!

  6. “Bayonetta looks like it has character designs by that fellow that drew Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

    You know its odd but I almost detect a sense of irony in the designs of Bayonetta. Its as if the characters are almost designed EXTRA douchy in that teased hair sleek male supermodel hipster kinda way (that scarf guy, sheesh) and the music and dialog almost extra cheesy and a sort of hyper amplified take on the Devil May Cry idea. I’m not certain but it seems to be having fun with how overly japanese everything in the game is. I guess I need to see more to form a more thorough hypothesis.

  7. I think there’s a lot to be excited about for me with DLC and Indie games leading the charge. Seems sad to bail now. I guess I’ve been really high on gaming since hacking my PSP.

  8. Its actually just hard to find someone to talk to that wants to play something other than Gears of War/Halo. The douchebag quota went up exponentially this gen with gaming blogs. I could enjoy my games in relative peace last gen.

    Kotaku, IGN, Neogaf is just filled to the brim with “HALO roxxors” and it doesn’t help that most of the Gaming press are the same way (no online = no GOTY). There’s just too much crap to deal with that isn’t actually about games that’s turning me off of it.

    Oh, try to put Vagrant Story on your PSP. Its still rocking after all these years.

  9. I picked up Dead Space today and was hooked. The game is already striking a good balance between, interactive novel and bat shit crazy, John Carpenter and James Cameron in their prime, alien fright fest!

    When Monster Hunter 3 arrives, I expect all of us to come together around a virtual campfire, like warriors of old, and slay us some monsters!

  10. My copy of Dead Space isn’t coming until Friday. And I have to leave for Portland right after work on Friday. 😦

    Did you get it for 360 or PS3? I went PS3, only cause I need to pad my PS3 collection a bit. After this is Little Big Planet and then Mirror’s Edge. There’s way too many games coming out this Xmas. Its like 2007 all over again, except the PS3 is getting good games also.

    I just want to get perfect barbecues in MH3. Wonder if they’re bringing back the cat servants. I love those guys.

  11. In Monster hunter 2 G (for the psp) you could get an assistant cat fighter who would walk around and set bombs and traps for you. THATs change you can believe in!

  12. Did MH 2G come out in the US? I could have sworn it was Japan only. As long as I can still act like an idiot in the lounge with the preset animations, I’m good to go.

  13. I do hope they taylor the Wii version to be a little bit more single player friendly. I had some monster encounters that were beyond impossible for a single hunter.

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