Megaman 9 is SO dated.

So the release dates have been announced leaving quite a conundrum for multi-console owners.

The game debuts on WiiWare this Monday the 22nd, PSN Thursday the 25th, and XBLA way in to the future timescape of October 1st.

So which one does a guy [used in a gender neutral sense] get?

WiiWare pros: It just seems right to have Megaman 9 on a Nintendo system. It comes out first so no waiting. Contols should be pretty good with the WiiMote.

PSN pros: Not too much longer of a wait than Wii. I have plenty of storage space. Controls should be great with the PS controller. PSP play also (as far as I know) available. Trophies?

XBLA pros: Achievements! and uh… plenty of storage space?

WiiWare cons: $#!%! I have no where to put this! Nintendo why do you make it so hard to give you my money?

PSN cons: Having to wait 3 days. I don’t download anything for PSN. Trophies?

XBLA cons: The thought of playing this game with that atrocious mushy d-pad is unbearable. October 1st! Have you watched the news? Our entire financial system may be in ruins by then. We may all be burning our consoles to heat our homes and cook our food. The future is too uncertain to wait 11 days from now!

So I guess the winner is PSN but as previously stated I don’t download anything for it. What’s everyone else doing? I must rely on herd mentality to make this decision. Please be my shepard!


26 thoughts on “Megaman 9 is SO dated.

  1. I vote PSN. And if it really does let you play on you PSP, all the better.

    Unless you REALLY like Achievements. They’re like a cheap replacement for unlockables, which have become DLC.

  2. Since this looks like a Nintendo and presumably you can get all the other Nintendo Megaman games (eventually) on VC you possibly have a matching set on megaman games (maybe excluding MM8) it just seems right. But when will I get to it? I haven’t had a chance to even play any of the other crap i’ve downloaded lately!

  3. I’m at work. 😦 Also, you want me to gift you Yakuza 2? It has a recap of the first game, so you can just jump into the amazing Punching-Tigers-in-the-face combat.

  4. Ok, the game is kicking my ass. Where’s the Mega Buster? No SLIDE! WHAT?!

    Also, Megaman 1 and 2 are available on the VC right now.

  5. So far, finished Galaxy Man. Had to use a E tank though. I’m guessing they’re aiming for a Megaman 2 degree of difficulty. I got to Splash Woman, but didn’t have any E tanks for that fight.

  6. Man this sounds like a bloodbath! Are we sure we really wanted this 8-bit retro remake complete with hair pulling nintendo difficulty? As soon as i play it i’ll let you know what I think.

  7. Galaxyman went down and so did Jewelman. However his stage almost cost me a WiiMote. The price of this game could exceed $50 once I finally snap one in half.

  8. I went with Jewel Man after Galaxy also. I just need to die and get all of my men back before I start that stage again.

    Also, the game feels harder than it should thanks to no Sliding and Megabuster. I almost think they designed it knowing you’ll need to play as Protoman to win. Meaning you need to pay for DLC.

    There are some regular enemies that will rape you for life because you can’t get any distance away from them *looks at those frickin’ ceiling spiders in Jewelman’s stage* and some of the pit stages are a little TOO unforgiving.

  9. Christ on a crutch! I played one level (jewel man) and promptly got my ass handed to me. I’m starting to really rethink this idea of a retro game that delivers the look and feel and fuzzy feelings on the old days but also brings all the old annoyances as well. The idea of even having to kill myself so that I can have enough lives at the right time is almost unthinkable in this day and age. I mean I like a challenge but this is ridiculous. I think i’d best hold my tongue until I play more levels.

    Also why no MegaBuster and Slide? Capcom ruined their argument for leaving those out due to Oldschoolness by putting Rush in.

  10. “Also why no MegaBuster and Slide?”

    I’m guessing so you have to buy Protoman later. Yay for DLC.

  11. Ok, just need to beat Concrete Man and I’ll be onto Wily? Or am I gonna have to fight some old bosses from MM 1-8 also?

    Also, my save file says I’ve been playing for 2 1/2 hours. So not anywhere as easy as Mega Man 4-6, but definitely “classic” MM difficulty (Megaman 1-3).

    I feel… something coming back. Like an old …. feeling. Is this joy?

  12. Dude, MM 3 had the slide. Just no Megabuster. I should know, I spent the most of 90′ and 91′ trying to beat the damn thing.

    I would actually like to have the slide more than the Mega Buster. Agility over power any day.

    Also, just got to Wily’s Castle.

  13. Fuck fuck FUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!! Man so this is what it was like? Somehow my wiimotes manages to survive the weekend. And this is only after a few minutes of Plug Mans stage. Though i am starting to feel a little bit of what you were talking about earlier Peter. Somewhere, where the music hits the graphics mixed with the madness of difficulty I was reminded of halcyon days of yore…… ahhhh…

  14. Speaking of music, for some reason I REALLY dig Tornado Man’s stage theme. Lots of “umps amps” and electric piano/sax craziness.

    Also, you’re gonna need some weapons to actually complete some of the stages. Once you get to Wily’s Castle, you’re gonna be using everything you can to get through each stage.

    Tip: If you see a place that respawns enemies like owls or floating robots, try to farm some weapon/energy/bolts there. It’ll make things a bit easier later on.

  15. I’m humbled. MM3 has the slide, I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess Megaman 9 = Megaman 2.5.

    Tip: The Jewel Sattelite makes Plugman’s stage a breeze.

  16. Is it me, or alot of E rated games bring out the tourets in me? I haven’t sworn this much in at least a couple months.

    I want that boxart, but looks like Wall St. wants to put a kibosh on that.

    I *heart* Jewel Satellite. That and Blackhole Bomb.

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