PAX 2008

I went to PAX this year, mainly to check out Steve’s new game, Demigod.  Though it was not my style of game, it was cool to see the reactions of the other people playing it for the first time.  Overall, it got great press, so I’m happy that Steve’s happy. 

Now that I’m done with the gay stuff, let’s talk about the show.

With E3 now neutered, PAX is the next best thing.  The showroom was packed with game kiosks, vendors and recruiting tables for gaming companies.  Fallout 3 had the best kiosk by far, featuring an old 50’s airstream trailer surrounded by charred nuclear test dummies.  Very cool.  Of course, the crowd around and inside the space was immense, so I decided to just take a cursory glance at the game, which seemed very cool.  I’ll just have to wait.  

Left 4 Dead from Valve had a huge kiosk as well and Josh and I watch some people play for a full ten minutes.  I was blown away by the intensity of this game.  Words will not do it justice, so I suggest watching some movies. Here’s a youtube movie of the same level I watched.


The other surprise game for me was Dead Space. I read a little about it, but didn’t track it much. Josh and I waited in line for this game, but unfortunately, it was an hour wait! But boy was it worth it. You play as a space miner who is investigating a derelict ship that once housed your friends, but are now creepy monsters. At least, I think that’s how it goes. Here’s the trailer:

Some rooms had no gravity, so you could jump from floor to wall to ceiling, having to reorient yourself after landing. You could also pick up objects and enemies with a gravity gun, like in Half-Life 2. I can’t wait to play it alone and in the dark.

Rock Band 2 is what you would expect, though this time, they included all of Steve and mine’s best karaoke songs, like Living on a Prayer and White Wedding. A decent size stage was set up and people were having a blast.

Nintendo had the new Wario game, which looks very fun, and Animal Crossing for the Wii, which should become our new virtual playground later this year. Supposedly, all the holidays and virtual games that were missing from the DS version will be added back, along with new holidays which players can enjoy together if they wish. Wii music was there, but it seemed like another non-game game, which I’m not interested in.

There were so many games there, I couldn’t fathom writing for them all. Suffice it to say, PAX is big time now, so I may have to check it next year. The problems with the lines is already being remedied for next year, which would make it much more tolerable. The cosplay was nothing too exciting, but at least there were some booth babes to gawk at.

Steve, you saw more than I did. We need your write up too!


4 thoughts on “PAX 2008

  1. I’m not feeling Left 4 Dead. Maybe its just that I’m burnt out on zombies, or the fact that it looks like they have MORE than enough ammo to survive.

    Dead Space is gonna be great. Sort of what Resident Evil used to be, before everything went all action/QTE heavy.

    Didn’t get to go to PAX, but took the kid to the zoo. I think he might of liked PAX more. 😛

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