Mercenaries 2

Who’s in?  Who’s not?

I’m playing it now.  Its not bad, pretty much a solid B-game, going for the full “action movie” experience, so its a quick burn/play and back to Gamestop.  

It helps that the character I chose is a little psychotic (Mattias likes to talk to his guns) and everything is destructible.  Plus calling in cluster bombs shouldn’t make me so happy, but it does.

I haven’t played multiplayer yet, so we’ll see how that goes.


3 thoughts on “Mercenaries 2

  1. I loved the first one and this looks like dumb fun. Also special thanks to Peter for hurting the my his own industry 🙂 Luckily EA wont miss the money. Do that with Demigod though and we might have a problem 😛

  2. Actually, I might just keep this and trade in GTA4.

    Technically, I don’t even work in games, if you count working on office programs and UI components as game devving. 😉

    I don’t think Demigod will be an issue, since I doubt I have a PC that can run it. 😛

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