Hey Dems: mY G0v3RN0rZ iN UR B@S3 H1J@K1N UR M0M3NtuM!

We here at the Malden are HUGE (yawn) on the ‘Tics. Oh how we would debate, from your run of the mill senate appropriations bill to Hobbesian versus Confucian philosophies, ad nauseum.

However the story everyone is buzzing about is McCain‘s running mate: Helloooo Sarah Palin!

Being the Alaska corespondant ’round these parts I’d like to shed some light on “The Maverick’s” recently announced running mate. She was the mayor of a town (Wasilla, AK) not unlike my old hometown, Poulsbo, WA. Both are approximately the same size population. Both are hugely proud of recent achievements (getting a WalMart). Both have amazing festivals (Wasilla-Iditarod Days, Poulsbo-Viking Fest).

She’s currently a very popular governor and adored in Alaska and everyone is brimming with pride around here. She’s quite pleasant (I ran in to her shopping at Fred Meyers) and I hate to think what the scrutiny of a national campaign could do to her.

Now I’m not saying she can’t handle it. She’s got some CTB (Cut Throat Bitch) in her and isn’t without a controversy, so she isn’t all “Golly-Gee-Whiz”. I think it’s a saavy if not cynical pick by the McCain camp. Any attempts to discredit her could quickly veer off in to sexist territory. And my assuming that’s one of the reason’s for choosing her is also sexist. Dammit McCain, you’re good. But really this article will save me endless minutes of keyboard fumbling.

I can’t wait for national media arriving in Alaska in the coming weeks trying to figure out who she is. It’ll be interesting but hopefully when it’s all said and done Alaska will have it’s governor back. Despite my general apathy to the process as a whole, I wish her good luck and close with a warning…

Look-out Polar Bears: Your days are numbered!


2 thoughts on “Hey Dems: mY G0v3RN0rZ iN UR B@S3 H1J@K1N UR M0M3NtuM!

  1. It just hit me, but I think all that time with Romance of the Three Kingdoms has made you quite the tactician, Mister Gildea.

    This is from re-reading that last paragraph.

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