Malden Arcade club….

…. I believe we have a new game to get. Galaga is out now!


3 thoughts on “Malden Arcade club….

  1. DAMMIT! Why did I buy the complete Arrested Development Dvds! Gah, I’m over budget again!

    Ok, I’ll DL the demo. Though Castle Crashers is coming out this week also… dammit

  2. I got Castle Crashers and Galaga. But I’m trying to finish Braid before I put in any time on those two.

    I haven’t purchased an Xbox retail game since last year. If it wasn’t for XBLA and Rock Band I would have traded that beast in awhile ago.

  3. Awesome. Now we can go raid Castles and watch guys get higher scores than us like we’re at some corner store Quick-E-Mart.

    Man, memories. *sigh*

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