In the category of “Megaman games with Lyrics”…..

I have a couple of new entries. First this which, depending on your mood or sense of humor, is either hate inducing or brilliant. I found my self torn between both throughout which I think produced a stronger emotion then hate or love.

Special mention goes to this, an all acapella and synth version of the music from MegaMan 3 using this cool sounding piece of Japanese software.

Hypnotic, a little annoying, and but also amazing and listenable. Dig the sound effects!


5 thoughts on “In the category of “Megaman games with Lyrics”…..

  1. “Kill a robot fish/ Kill a robot frog/ And then I ride off on my robot dog”

    Good stuff but even prettier is your links. Just beautiful.

    I’m tearing up a bit…


  2. I love capcom inspired stuff. Maybe I should go into indentured, I mean apply for a position there.

  3. Yea i’m fairly pleased that capcom culture is surviving the test of time and even thriving in new games. I gotta get in on this Bionic Commando business. Sorry Braid!

    We should just start our own modern capcom. Whats our excuse?

  4. We have none, except for needing monies for the games/comics/movies and such. Oh and wife and kid. Actually, yeh why the hell not. Let’s do some cool shtuff again.

    Also, FEAR the Albatross. Seriously, its a bitch.

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